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 Posted: Mon Feb 13th, 2017 03:14 am
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Card size and ratio.
See diagram for the actual card size and dimensions. The dashed area is the border which will be done by someone else, your design area is 2 1/2 by 3 3/4 inches. To make the final design look as good as possible, it is always recommended to work at a larger scale. Then when the final design is scaled down at the end, it minimizes any little imperfections. It just looks better. You can work any scale you want, as long as the final ratio is 1:1.5. In other words, 1 inch in the horizontal equals 1 1/2 inch in the vertical. The border is area is completed by me, or someone helping me. We also do the text-card number and title. Having the border and the text the same ties all the various cards into a cohesive deck. If the card doesn’t fit, I have been scaling it into the border. So far this has worked really well. If it distorts the card too much I will let you know.

Card Size:
Imperial Inches = 2.5 x 3.75 in
Metric = 63.5 x 95.25 mm
Pixels = 750 x 1125 at 300dpi

I would prefer the final design you send me to be in jpg format, I can deal with a few others, but if you can convert it to jpg, it will save me from having to convert it. A minimum resolution of 300dpi is requested, higher is better, but 300dpi is minimum.

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