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 Posted: Sun Aug 23rd, 2015 03:38 pm
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I have been a reader and user of Tarot for about 45 years having used and collected many decks in the process of that time.  I usually don't have much interest in "Oracles" but this deck is different.  I know the artist and author that created this deck. She's had over 10 years of training with an energetic seer and that shows in the depth of understanding of each of the cards created. Most all of the cards are collages, a few are paintings, but all are original and the product of a number of years of work.  I have personally used the deck and continue to do so with single card draws almost daily.  The deck is very aptly named as it will take you on a journey of discovery few other decks are able to do. Go have a look It is a wonderful and insightful journey into the self and its relationship to the mystery.

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