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 Posted: Fri Jan 24th, 2014 04:36 pm
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I recently purchased this from a shop in Barcelona

The shop, which has several for sale, said it had been published by Comas. Another is available on ebay and that vendor says it was published by Fournier. A search of English and Spanish language sites doesn't show it as having been published by either. All the copies for sale are without a box or LWB.

As you see, it's a copy of the Kier pack, but with colour changes. I wonder if it's a pirate edition?

One strange feature is that the bottom panels on the World and the Fool have been transposed. The new publisher evidently knew enough to find the Fool as 22 odd and decided to "correct" it to 21, French-style, but not enough to alter the symbols in the top panel to match. The titles didn't help, as the World is "Transmutacion" and the Fool is "Regreso".

Does anyone know any more about this? Has anyone ever seen it earlier than 2013?

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