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 Posted: Sat Sep 14th, 2013 11:34 am
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Here's a new collaborative one - I own it but haven't seen it yet.

There are several (?all ?) cards on the site. I can't seem to get individual images up properly, so...

I sent someone to the exhibition - still running for a while, Ontarians ! - to collect mine and he reported back:

The tarot presentation was interesting. I'm glad I got there at just on 7, bought the deck instantly and delayed wine and nibblies till after looking at the deck in large (much bigger originals than the Yukon one) the devil and wheel of fortune were marvellous, the devil particularly, death and the chariot I also liked but it was even more diverse a collaborative deck than the Stranraer one, much more three dimensional art - a really nice 7 of pentacles that I can't see translating into a flat card and retaining its effect, while the ace of pentacles flat would just be boring though the original was beautifully crafted in white stone.

For such a deck the price ($45 CDN) is not half bad.

ETA exhibition dates:

The exhibition is running in Elora until Nov 3. In addition, we will be going to the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto from Jan 6 to 13, 2014.

Shelley Carter will also be at Pagan Pride Day in Hamilton tomorrow - Sunday, September 15 from 9:00 to 5:00

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