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 Posted: Thu Jul 25th, 2013 09:14 am
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If self-publishing doesn't count as "publishing," it's going to be a pretty big database

Of course, this database should not include self-published tarot. Information on this is not always available to Stacy who is building the database, but this will eventually be fixed.

Thanks for the corrections which we will implement in the next update. It will take some time to build this as it is an entirely volountary effort.

I intend with this database to include those tarot designs that were never printed as actual physical cards (or illustrations in books) and made publicly available.

Apart from the importance of correcting errors it would also be very helpful if members of this forum were to post information on this thread about unpublished tarot designs they know of, together with some link to a website or blog with some images and information about these.

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