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 Posted: Tue Mar 26th, 2013 02:55 am
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I have a 1920 Pamela-B deck and I am hoping to obtain a 1909 or 1910 deck (Pamela-A) to compare to. I spend most of my time teaching and so I have my eyes on the art constantly. I would like to be able to do a lengthy side by side examination of the two decks. If you have a Pamela-A deck you would sell to a worthy cause (me--tarot researcher) who will give it the best home, please pm me, or reply.

If you know of someone who might be interested in passing on their Pamela-A deck please let them know that I would love to buy it (Roses and Lilies or Cracked mud--the backing is not my concern).

And finally, if you have a Pam-A or Pam-B deck and do NOT wish to sell it, but would be interested in trading image scans for historical research purposes please let me know. I am working on archiving image-specific information for future collectors.


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