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 Posted: Wed Jan 9th, 2013 08:34 pm
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I have known of these for some time. As far as I know they
were never printed.
If you look carefully at the images you will see they are
set on a background of what appears to be gold leaf. This
is unlikely to be printed, and probably these scans were
taken from the original artwork.

Tarot artworks such as this, unpublished artwork is not
described or listed (except in some volumes of Kaplan)
so I have decided as part of my Centre for Tarot Art to
develop a database of unpublished items, paralleling
the database of published tarot. A tarot
enthusiast here in Scotland has offered to help build
this database and over the last few days we have worked
out a protocol for the database, and she has begun
entering data. I will report on this new development
shortly, and ask some of the members here, if they could
help supplying data.

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