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 Posted: Wed Jun 6th, 2012 10:44 pm
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I just got this Lenormand deck off of ebay. It came in an old (yellowed), plain white hand-made cardboard box with penciled notes on it saying "Vieul lenormand (larusson) USA(?) 1890." I think the box was a later addition. The cards are in perfect shape although the paper may have very slightly yellowed - if so, it is uniform.

It is obviously of the same general type as Langustl's, but with the addition of this lovely colored background. BTW, same size and also plain white backs.

Anyone have any more information?

A similar style is found in various 1920s decks known "Madame Le Normands Mystic Cards of Fortune" but they tended to be monochromatic.

Could this style be a late 19th century German design from which the US decks were later copied?

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