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 Posted: Thu Dec 15th, 2011 08:47 am
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Two days ago I reopened subscriptions to the Forum, clandestinely, without telling anyone about this.

Earlier this year I had to lock the Forum against people (primarily from China) subscribing to the Forum for the purposes of promoting non-existent goods and services. These criminals post a message about some service or item they purport to be selling and give an active link that one can click on. These links are dangerous. They are at least a means of phishing for credit card details, and possibly even ways of uploading trojans and viruses onto users computers.

Within two days of my opening the subscriptions again, one of these criminals had registered and was up to their games again.

These people are destroying discussion on the Internet. I have seen other boards buried in such off-topic postings. These are not robots, as the capcha step during the registration cannot be overcome by robots. So actual real people are registering and then posting these dangerous messages.

Sadly, there are people out there, watching this forum (and many others), who want to use it to further their criminal activities. Within two days of my opening subscriptions they were back. I can see no way to defeat them except by locking the Forum again to new subscriptions.

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