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 Posted: Wed Jul 6th, 2011 11:29 am
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Regretfully, I have to close the forum again to new subscriptions. The forum is being abused by scammers registering then posting messages which include links to sites for buying things with no relevance to Tarot. Most of these seem to emanate from China.

I have seen other forums become buried under a mass of such pointless advertising scams.

Most of these "advertisments" have links to phishing or other sorts of criminal web sites which are trying to get users to provide their bank or credit card details by dangling the promise of cheap goods for sale.

As I am having to delete users and posts on a daily basis, I have decided it is easier just to lock the forum to new subscriptions. This will protect existing users against
being exposed to these scams.

I did this for some months last year and it proved effective. I will now have to do this again.

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