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 Posted: Sat May 14th, 2011 11:38 pm
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Hi Lynda,

The broken links come up when ever you click on "Return to My Tarot Card Designs (Page 1)", which is at the bottom of all the individual card pages accessed from Page 1. You get taken to a different Page 1 which is formatted differently, and every link on that new page is broken.

(However, if you use the back button from any individual card page accessed from Page 1, you do return to the original Page 1, which of course does work.)

Page 2 seems to work fine.

Very generous of you to make your entire book available on line, however I am overloaded with other reading at the moment, so I'm sorry I have only scimmed through it it so far. I am always interested to see the author's order for the trumps, in particular the positions of Justice and Strength, and also the elemental correspondances. I see on page 46 you state that the "Kings... represent each of the four elements at their most differentiated", but do not actually say which is which. Niether can I find it stated anywhere else, but perhaps I just missed it.

I noticed a few typos too, eg: on the Contents page - Tarot as a Meditational Ad (should read "Aid")



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