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 Posted: Fri Mar 11th, 2011 06:42 pm
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They are as follows:

Ciro Marchetti's Special Edition Gilded Tarot. We're talking the extra large, thick and heavy cardstock, numbered and sadly out-of-print edition here. Being a massive fan of his decks I'm praying to the tarot gods that some kind soul will be willing to help me add the final piece to my Ciro collection.

Terry Tsai's Cat's Tarot(the Taiwanese one). This is the one I'm looking for:
Sadly I've never seen it sold anywhere(neither on Ebay nor any forum). Then again I thought the same about the Midnight Masquerade, 78-card Ironwing and the Feng Shen Tarot, all of which are currently part of my collection.  

Amerigo Folchi's Carnevale di Venezia. Like so many others I'd love to own this deck. Unfortunately(for me and everyone else who craves it) so do most people who are fortunate enough to have this precious gem in their collection.

Well, maybe one day. I've been blessed with a few seemingly unobtainable decks in the past so I know for sure that miracles do happen. If you(or anyone you know) are willing to give up on one of these, please let me know. I'm open for cash payments and full or partial trades. Send me a pm and we'll work something out:cool:

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