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 Posted: Thu Dec 16th, 2010 07:31 pm
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goldenweb wrote:
Is it possible that the fine lines were scratched into the lino before inking the plate with a pad, and pushing the ink into the lines - as if it were an etching?

I doubt this would work. One would have to use some special ink that could be wicked up onto damp paper as with etchings or copperplate engravings. I think this would build up a messy ink scum which would show in the white areas.

Bamber Gascoigne has written a brilliant book called How to Identify Prints - a veritable bible for print collectors.

Yes I have a copy of this excellent survey of printing techniques.

But perhaps it's called the Linol Tarot for a completely unrelated reason. 

Yes I now think this is the case. On the back of the box on which the Tarot is supplied is

Gerhard Haack Kassel

I am now coming to the idea that this may have been a promotional or sample deck for a colour printing company in Kassel named "Linol-Farbdruck".

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