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 Posted: Thu Dec 16th, 2010 09:47 am
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The Linol Tarot was created by Gerhard Haack in 1988 in an edition of 150.

In most of the descriptions of this deck, including Kaplan Vol IV, it is said that these were created as Lino cuts.
Kaplan says "The deck was printed as linoleum block prints in five colours".

Having recently obtained a copy I cannot easily accept this.

The Linoleum prints that I know are made using linoleum mounted on a wooden block. This is a relief printing process where the printing area stands in relief, with the background cut away. The poor man's woodcut. Thus the lines have to be wide and strongly supported otherwise they collapse under the pressure of printing.

This does not correspond to what we see in the Linol Tarot where the lines are extremely fine.

Does anyone have any information on the Linol Tarot ?

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