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 Posted: Thu Dec 27th, 2007 01:18 pm
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ahclem wrote: I'm curious if this was actually conceived as a tarot, or if it's one of those deals where an artist (or someone) selects from an existing body of work and attempts as best they can to match illustrations originally created for other purposes to tarot cards. I do recognize that Victoria Frances is a very skillful practitioner of this sort of fantasy art, but as tarot, many of the cards I've seen seem to be a bit (sometimes quite a bit) of a stretch.

I'm definitely looking forward to the Place deck.

I admit it's the latter, but in this case it just happens to work (speaking strictly for myself) whether I look at this as a Tarot or Oracle deck. there was some discussion about how the Magician and High Priestess  cards should have been swapped etc. etc. and the suits don't adhere to tradition either, but somehow the spontaneous and off-centered quality of this deck just works for me. it's not a defensible argument but the bottom line is, I think it's fun and I'm drawn to it instinctively. maybe I'm just in a good mood.
I'll take the Favole over any number of others where the art is forced into conformity and what we're offered is a mediocre (at best) Tarot deck with no depth and boring superficial cliches.

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