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 Posted: Tue Mar 23rd, 2010 12:05 am
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Such a lovely deck Pen!  
I just ordered this deck as a very early birthday (actually in June) present for myself today (it will be from my as yet, unsuspecting and very generous husband)...won't he be surprised. heh heh. Can't wait for its arrival, oops I mean until June when I can actually open the package. That will be a real test of a Gemini's patience, let me tell ya  :D I was so thrilled with your gorgeous Pen Tarot which is a favorite in my collection...and now this colorful deck with an entirely different energy and style - it’s going to be equally captivating and inspirational I can tell just from the images on your site and from the great feedback you’ve been getting. Best of luck and thanks for sharing your beautiful artistic visions dear Pen.

PS: I put this little note on 'AT' too, I hope that's OK. I just wanted to send you double the support...) Take care.

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