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 Posted: Sat Mar 6th, 2010 07:11 am
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gregory wrote: The sigh referred to my bank balance !!! But see my AT post for my ONLY reservation - I have no time to retype it but I mean it !


After reading this I dashed over to AT overflowing with trepidation....:?

But all was well -  for curious souls who find it difficult to tear themselves away from TCF, below is gregory's post at AT and my reply...:cool:

gregory wrote:
I agree with everything. It is stunning. - BUT - WHY do you wonderful artists do such wonderful packaging - where one then has to risk damaging a wonderful seal (in this case a pretty "leaf") to get into the deck ? - I like to keep such beauties.... I did manage this time, and shall carefully put tape over the sticky - but please think on this, Pen.... It is CRIMINAL sometimes, having to break something beautiful to get in....
Funnily enough I was worried that the leaf stickers would pop open in the box before they were unpacked - the sticky stuff didn't seem very strong. But if you unstick the leaves  from the right (the leaf tips), there's less contact with the paper (which is quite fibrous), so it should be possible to preserve the leaf intact. 


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