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 Posted: Sat Dec 15th, 2007 04:00 pm
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Do you have the deck, Swedish Witch (Jolanda den Tredges), illustrated by Hans Arnold?

I saw the deck at taroteca and fell in love but found out it wasn't available anywhere, even eBay. So I did some detective work and found out that a company in Sweden by name of Fischer was selling the book that goes with the deck. I wrote and asked about the deck itself and got an email back saying this:

From: Kajsa Willén <>
Date: 14 Dec 2007 02:20
Subject: SV: Where might I purchase the Jolanda den Tredges, Swedish Witch Tarot deck, you publish?

We have not got the rights to sell this deck in the US. However, it will soon be made available in an English version made by AG Muller.

If you want more information regarding this, please email Rosie Bjorkman at [][/url]



Fischer & Co
So now in addition to A.G. Mueller publishing Stella's Simple in all it's 78 card glory, in March 2008, they are also publishing the Swedish Witch.

If you don't have this deck you can view the cards at

So you have 118 decks, eh. That's a lot. I only have 90 but I'm catching up. Plus I do not have any playing card decks of any note. Frankly till meeting you, I didn't know there were nifty decks out there with pictures on them.  And you say Somerville (aka sells Dussere with the Medieval and Reinaissance decks, eh?

Are they spendy? Well, never mind, I'll go look myself.

Thanks again for

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