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 Posted: Sat Dec 15th, 2007 04:22 am
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I'm ticked, Quid, about your visiting and liking WWPCM.

So you're in Canada? Or England?
I went to playingcardsales and checked them out. They have images of
the various decks and quite generous in size but still only 6-8 images
of tarot decks of 78, still, not bad.

Nice montage, too. I like the cards, as well.

You'll find that WWPCM site really packed full of all kinds of cards from
all over the world.
It's russian based/hosted and the site has changed their server at least
3 times now since I've been using them. Thank God, it's now a lot
in English. The first two servers and website were mostly written in russian
which I don't know a word of.

It would be nice to contact the host of the museum. What a collector they
must be to have so many cards online and at their "museum", I image.

I will write you about your post from the one above today's where you listed
card names from Lo Scarabeo.

Adam's Forum here is so awesome as far as allowing full sized images and
such for viewing. A lot of other forums I've visited are much more restrictive.
It's great.

Till later,
Ms. Max    :D

p.s. (are you more into playing cards than tarot, per se?
Do you play patience? My grandparents and aunts and uncles who
all live in Switzerland, play that game and I remember the small deck
of cards you use. I also love Jasse cards with the bells and acrons and obers
and unders instead of jacks and queens. Do you play Jasse?)

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