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 Posted: Fri Dec 14th, 2007 02:22 am
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Yeah, I was looking at some of those scans today to cement my mind about a couple of decks.

I buy my playing cards from Somerville usually. He has most popular decks from the big firms as well as tarot and fortune telling decks. The shipping and packing is excellent. He usually has samples from each deck.

I have a couple of the Lo Scarabeo playing cards--Alice in Wonderland, Fables of Fontaine, and one they call the Goethe transformation deck which seems to be another reprint of the Jeanne d'Arc transformation deck from 1805 or so. They are good quality like their tarot cards.

Hey, if you like Dusserre maybe you'd like some transformation decks? Transformation decks are those where the pip symbols are turned into images. Somerville has the Under the Sea deck featured on the front page I believe. Not to confuse you.

I also have the Dusserre cards about Saints and the Chemin de Saint Jacques (in Spanish, the Camino--famous pilgrimage route.)

Today I have ordered playing cards with non-illustrated pips. There were a couple of these I found to be interesting and some of them are patience size so my Tudor Rose deck will have some friends.

The front number is the Somerville catalogue number. If you click on Search you can put the number in and the deck will come up. Some of these facsimile decks are similar to the old stencilled tarot decks, but with odd people that I liked.

10130 - Louis XV
10145 - French Revolution
10147 - Henri IV
12765 - Claude Weisbuch (One Potato--I eventually broke down and nabbed one!)
12449 - The Crusades
13797 - Berliner Slim Card - as wide as patience decks but taller with courts in the Berlin pattern which I don't have in any deck.

The Swedish firm of Offason has some patience decks and English pattern decks printed in 4 colours (green, blue, red, black) for £2 to £2.25 which is about half the price of the bigger companies. I don't know what the card stock is like though.

I had to resist as I don't even have the money for these.

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