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 Posted: Wed Jan 13th, 2010 01:54 pm
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Actually, I am the person selling my deck on ebay.
I'm not any distributor, I just bought it and didn't like
it.   Nothing unusual.  I didn't even know there was
any distributor for that deck.  I thought they were
all sold directly from the artist. 
I saw that you recently sold a Boho gothic regular
deck for $300 and that deck was $18 new so I
figure that a $30 deck, limited to only 100 copies
would go for $99 at least.   I got my deck
and to be honest,  I'm not that thrilled with it
 so I would rather sell it than hold on to it.

Sorry that you all think I'm a 'dick'.
From all the people on ebay reselling out of
print decks for higher than issue price, I guess
we are all dicks then. 
There are over 14,000 decks on ebay on any given
day,  more than half of them are out of print.

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