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 Posted: Sat Dec 19th, 2009 10:50 am
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I've got a respond from the "Bolt Cutter Design-people" on mail about the new deck, this is what hey had to say:

"Thank you for you interest in our decks.
This deck came about as a direct result of the Oblivion decks. What is included in those
decks is a fraction of the work that was produced. In an effort to let some of that other
work see the light of day, we decided to incorporate elements into a new deck, using the
Oblivion decks as a starting point. There will be similarities, and shared imagery. However,
while the Oblivion decks were graphic in nature, the Magna Veritas deck will be more "painterly",
& moodier. The new deck will have a new format, added features & a whole different "feel" to the images.
I believe it premature to accept pre-orders at this time. There are only 11 cards done, after all.
We may not even have the resources to produce it as a multiple when the time comes. Creating a
deck is a time and labor intensive project. Who can say what may happen between now & its
completion. Stay tuned, when we get further along to within 5 cards of completion,
I will have a better idea of where we stand, and will post the info on the website.
Thank you again for your support of BoltCutterDesign and our work.
Mike M."

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