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 Posted: Tue Nov 10th, 2009 09:10 am
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If divination worked even a small degree over chance, then this would have been investigated and explored by exact science. There are so many ways of making serious money from a working divination technique - not least the stock market, gambling, or National lotteries.

Our human minds concern themselves almost all the time with trying to foresee or predict how even trivial situations in our life will evolve, so the idea that there could be some external means of predicting the outcome of situations by throwing dice, drawing  cards, tossing coins etc., does appeal to many people as it beats all the thinking and pondering needed to explore the potential outcome of even a trivial matter in our lives. Just one of my tasks today will be today will be to try to assess whether or not a particular set of tarot designs someone had sent me would sell sufficient copies to recover the cost of publishing them. If I could merely toss a coin and get a exact answer, it would save me much time, however, I would have long gone broke if I ran my business using a divinatory methodology. The only people making money from divination are the diviners, not the users of divined information!

Divination is based on belief. The root ('divinus') of the word shows it comes from a belief that divination revealed the workings of a God who interfered in human affairs. Some people have a psychological need to believe in such things. They are not neutral observers. When such matters are explored as phenomena in a measurable way there are no significant results. If there were then there would be no lack of funds to develop such a technology. The person that proved divination to be an actual real phenomenon would win a Nobel Prize - I can predict that for certain !

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