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 Posted: Tue Nov 10th, 2009 07:15 am
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Like I said, I don't plan to discuss quantum mechanics on a web forum. But there's work being done on aspects of quantum mechanics by actual scientists that investigates how QM works on the "scale at which we live our lives".  I know some of them.

papoon wrote:

And as for quantum mechanics somehow being relevant to divination, apart from the outright distortions of quantum theory by the charlatans behind such fictions as What the Bleep... and The Secret, most actual scientists consider quantum mysticism to be pure pseudoscience. The whole Schrodinger's Cat thing, for example, is a mind experiment meant to illuminate some incredibly weird stuff that happens at the sub-atomic level. It (and other principles of quantum mechanics) doesn't extrapolate to the scale at which we live our lives.

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