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 Posted: Tue Nov 10th, 2009 07:06 am
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Cordwainer wrote:
I'm completely in agreement with RR here. I've studied Jungian psychology and physics. Divination is not based on anecdote and belief systems. There's aspects of physics that are incompletely understood- for example, the nature of time.
 I'm not going to go into quantum mechanics on a web forum, though.

Speaking as a "hard" scientist I'd say that psychology is a collection of belief systems, often at odds with one another. For example,  Jungian psychology has been almost ignored in psychology because it's considered unscientific. Freud today is thought of as bunk by a lot of psychologists/psychiatrists. Freud and Jung themselves split over certain beliefs.

I guess I don't quite follow the logic of this. You make the perfectly valid observations that some aspects of physics are incompletely understood and that there are competing schools of psychology, and then insert the completely unsupported claim that "Divination is not based on anecdote and belief systems," as if that somehow followed from those other statements. It doesn't.

And as for quantum mechanics somehow being relevant to divination, apart from the outright distortions of quantum theory by the charlatans behind such fictions as What the Bleep... and The Secret, most actual scientists consider quantum mysticism to be pure pseudoscience. The whole Schrodinger's Cat thing, for example, is a mind experiment meant to illuminate some incredibly weird stuff that happens at the sub-atomic level. It (and other principles of quantum mechanics) doesn't extrapolate to the scale at which we live our lives.

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