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 Posted: Mon Nov 9th, 2009 05:52 pm
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R Roffel wrote:
Chu Spaces, despite their abstruse nature, seemed to me to fit most of the bill.

Perhaps it is because I am not mathematically inclined that I have this feeling. Yet my instinct (a not very scientific process, I admit), knows that these are physical systems and from what I understand of physical systems is that you can plot their motions and components through space and time.

Have fun. I doubt you can get anything out of Chu spaces without spending three years studying topology.  Chu spaces are not physical systems, they are abstract mathematical concepts not easily visualised, as they are generalised toplogical spaces and thus even further removed from our simple visualising abilities.

Divination systems and oracles.... What I would like to know is whether we can develop more effective tools by employing mathematics to discover how they work purely as physical systems
They are based simply on belief and anecdote. Like ghosts, they are not amenable to description within a exact scientific approach. If they were, this would have been done long ago.

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