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 Posted: Mon Nov 9th, 2009 08:54 am
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R Roffel wrote: I have the feeling that Chu Spaces may be the "missing link" between mathematics and real-world events in the sense that Chu Spaces describe how events and physical objects move through space and time to influence each other.

I have studied abstract mathematics. Chu spaces are a generalisation of topological spaces. They thus describe sets with a simple structure. They have application only to abstract mathematics and I doubt whether they have any application to discrete mathematics as their power is to describe a different type of continuity than is found in topological spaces and even more structured spaces such as vector spaces.

It is leading edge abstract mathematics and I cannot see how this can be used in the way you suggest. Beware reading some interpretation of mathematical ideas on some web site. Some people go looking for very obscure ideas that few people can understand and then erect a fantasy interpretation of these as they feel they will not be challenged.

Divination is merely a belief system. Nothing can be proven about it, certainly not using generalisations of topological spaces. People just have to believe in divination on the basis of anecdote, there is no way to formalise or describe this using abstract mathematical structures.

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