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 Posted: Tue Dec 4th, 2007 11:47 am
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 Im not keen on the circle deck but appreciate the offer. My decks are really old and a rare lenormand and similar so I can't let them go.I dont even know the value. one is a bridge set with 2 decks one sealed cased in leather.victorian.

I have one deck I was handed sealed I think many would curl up in a ball and giggle at this one.

Narnia carta mundai. some spanish tarot cards. nature animals cards.

I'll head down their tomorrow and see if the  Angel deck is still was weird as I believe in Angels and the deck was right there looking at me. I had said I dont believe in you lot anymore you neevr help me.

If only I'd grabbed them there and then. there were also minature playing cards.weeny ones and other decks. many of which the names evaded me. shame I cant ship you over here with me youd have the time of your life there.


I just came across this ultra mini playing cards 2.50




Managed to get the sealed angel playing cards, I was tempted to open them but decided not to. Theyare presented sealed in a platic case with Angel japan on them. Inside is a gold box and a deck of gold back playing cards with cherubs on them. can;t see the front of the cards. I like the design on the back. I need to get some pics of my decks. I'll sort that out at the weekend.



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