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truelighth's collection
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 Posted: Wed Aug 22nd, 2018 04:04 pm
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Joined: Tue Oct 9th, 2007
Posts: 1061
Another update already. I can't believe how many decks actually found their way into my house!!!

But I also sold several decks and they have moved on to another house.

Newly added are:

Removed and sold are:
Baroque Bohemian Cats regular version
Bohemian Gothic Tarot regular version
Euskal Tarot Mitikoa
Floral Ellipse Tarot
Flowers of Life Tarot
McCullough Effect Steampunk Tarot
Mystereum Tarot
Starchild Tarot
Tarot de Sol
Tarot Kernow
Tarot of Inner Peace
White Light Tarot

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 Posted: Thu Jan 10th, 2019 10:53 pm
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Joined: Tue Oct 9th, 2007
Posts: 1061
Update time. New start of 2019, so I might as well.

Added to the list are:
Bianca Nero Tarot
Brady Tarot
Cat Tarot Major Arcana by Rachillu
Celtic Tarot by Kristoffer Hughes
Considerate Cat Tarot
Everyday Tarot by Brigit Esselmont
Line Defined Tarot
Lions Gateway Tarot
Magic Gate Tarot
Magical Dogs Tarot
Major Arcana by Travis Pietsch
Marchetti Tarot
Moon Power Tarot
Mosaic Dream Tarot
Mythologia Fennica Tarot
New Choice Tarot de Marseille
New Era Elements Tarot
Persephone Tarot
RWS 2.0
Tarocchi Visconti Brambilla XV Secolo
TheƔomai Tarot
True Black Tarot
Usul Tarot
Wayfarer Tarot
White Sage Tarot
Zillich Tarot

Removed and sold are:
Frank's Tarot
Pen Tarot
Sensual Wicca Tarot
Tarot of the Secret Forest
Verdant Lore Tarot
Wild Green Chagallian Tarot

Last edited on Thu Jan 10th, 2019 10:54 pm by truelighth

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