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Milanese Tarot of Edoardo Dotti 182
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 Posted: Mon May 3rd, 2021 03:25 pm
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In the panorama of Tarot production in the 19th century, these 78 splendid cards printed around 1862 by Edoardo Dotti stand out.

There is a long history behind this deck that is worth reading in the companion booklet: small but full of historical information that cannot be found elsewhere.

The booklet (60 pages with 24 color pages), written by Giordano Berti and translated into English by Adam West-Watson, traces the history of the Milanese Tarot from the early 16th century to the 1940s.

There are two absolutely unpublished chapters: one is dedicated to Tarot in daily life in Milan; the other concerns the tax stamps used in Milan between 1810 and 1947, thanks to which collectors can accurately date each Milanese Tarot.

Some very interesting pages are dedicated to Dotti's Tarot.
In summary, Edoardo was the son of Teodoro Dotti and at the death of his father, around 1860, he continued to produce this deck making only some variations to the colors.

Teodoro Dotti, in turn, had been a partner of the famous card maker Ferdinando Gumppenberg who around 1830 produced the splendid Tarot Soprafino engraved by Carlo Della Rocca.

When Gumppenberg died, around 1845, Teodoro Dotti opened his own Tarot and playing cards factory and decided to engrave his own version of the Soprafino Tarot: another jewel!

In March 2021 Rinascimento Italian Style Art has reprinted the Tarot of Edoardo Dotti in an absolutely faithful way to the original deck, so that it seems to be holding the ancient deck.

Only 900 copies has been printed; each deck are is numbered and hand signed by the curator, Giordano Berti, on a guarantee card.

The same deck is available, together with the booklet, in two different boxes created by the art designer Letizia Rivetti:
Deluxe (book-shaped box) and Standard (2-parts box), both covered with marbled paper and with velvet inside.

Other pictures and news are on the Rinascimento's website:

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