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Era of Aquarius tarot
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 Posted: Mon Dec 19th, 2016 03:15 am
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Hi - I'm new to the board and will have to create a post about my small (28 and slowly counting) collection. :D

But, in the meantime, I have a question about the Era of Aquarius Tarot. I found a deck for sale on eBay when I was looking for new decks I wasn't aware of. From some scans found through a Google image search, I like the artwork.

There appears to be 2 different versions. The first has a number at the top and a symbol at the bottom. http://tinyurl.com/glrsp2g

The second version is listed as "English" and has no number at the top, with Russian printed underneath (keywords?) http://tinyurl.com/jszsrd2

Clearly, there is a price difference, in addition to those differences I noted.

So, now for my question, which is regarding the images themselves. They appear to be the same, except that ones on the first set are softer colors/less harsh than the second set. Is there really a distinct difference, or are the pictures/scans just making it appear so?

My purpose for this deck would be to admire the artwork, not a consideration for it's overall value/rareness, so if the artwork is the same quality on both, I would much rather purchase the less expensive deck.


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 Posted: Thu Dec 22nd, 2016 04:16 am
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The cheaper one is likely bootleg/counterfeit. The seller has a lot of negative feedback. Hollywoodkat on ther other hand is reliable & trustworthy, so I'd recommend buying from her.

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