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I sell Tarot Chesta (Very Limited Edition) for 600 euros.
The Tarot Chesta is a very limited edition of 61 hand-made tarot sets. Symbology of lino-block and screen-printed images (40/61).
Includes a wooden box and a high-quality purple velvet bag.
Lino block prints overprinted with silk screened colour.
The Australian Chester Harris produced his Tarot Chesta in 2002. The line work was created in Lino block overprinted on a number of silk screened colour print layers, some cards having gold and silver ink screen printed. There are 78 cards plus one blank and a face card. The cards are large, measuring 100 by 150 mm, and are printed on quality archival stock. The designs are very expressive with a subtle humour and the strong bold woodcut like outlines (lino blocks) give them a solidity and strength. Chester Harris conceived the designs in 2000 while on a journey of personal exploration travelling around the North and East of Australia. These are clearly an art tarot involving thousands of hours of work by the artist.

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