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I have a copy of a Wehman Bros 1JJ Edition in a dark blue slip cover.

Most copies apparently are in a red box which has a Sun Card cover. On the back side it states, "Distributed Exclusively by, U.S. Games Systems, INC, New York, N.Y. Made in Switzerland." The bottom part of the box is gold.

The edition I have makes no mention of US. Games. I assume this was earlier, and at some point after publication U.S. Games made some deal with Wehman to distribute the cards.
US Games may then have had a box lid made to replace the slip cover.

Does anyone else have this edition ?

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In the past I've owned the blue Wehman, and also one in a red slip case. I don't know much about them. Like you, I presumed they predate US Games but was never able to pinpoint a date of publication. The cards are quite nice.

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