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selling decks, many oop, list 1
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 Posted: Sat May 11th, 2013 04:24 am
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please check out my web site at http://www.tarotsale.com

I am now open to foreign sales.

I need to sell these to reduce clutter and for the money. please reply by pm

I'm open to negotiation. Terms are paypal only. Shipping to US destinations is $10 PER ORDER although local pickup in Chicago area is free. Foreign shipping is actual cost for trackable method plus $10 USD and I take no further responsibility once shipment is accepted by US Postal Service.

Scans and references available upon request

subject to prior sale; some are listed on Amazon; some will be listed on Ebay.

Cartomanzia 184 400.00 oop box has tear, cards like new
MMM cards 50.00 oop 52 cards 1979 like new by Michael Bear and Ida Foreman
tarot dice 100.00 oop new and sealed
tarot puzzle 20.00 not shrinkwrapped but never opened
Master (Meister) Tarot 40.00 oop like new
Tarot Le Sacre 50.00 oop like new
Pythagorean tarot 40.00 oop crush in box cards like new
Tarocco Bolognese 50.00 oop dal negro, cards like new tarock
Le Tarot de Individualisation 50.00 30 cards like new
Children Tarot 150.00 oop box not shrinkwrapped but cards are
Tarot Jigsaw Puzzle 20.00 never opened
tarot of mermaids 20.00 like new
Star Trek II 10.00 oop playing cards, like new
dante tarot 50.00 oop
lo Scarabeo edition box not shrinkwrapped but cards are
Tarot of Oz 50.00 oop like new

Oracle Alma Bose 40.00 oop box is vg cards are like new
Baseball Tarot 15.00 oop book and cards like new
Ananda Tarot 125.00 oop book and cards like new
archetypal reiki cards 25.00 oop book and cards like new
Tarot of initiation 150.00 oop book and cards like new
tarot jonathan dee 20 oop box has wear and tear , cards like new
Hudes tarot 20 like new
Grand Etteilla 50 oop like new
one world tarot 40 oop like new
Roger Zanoni Tarot 175 oop box a little depressed in the middle. Cards are like new
Hernetic Tarot 10 like new
PoMo Tarot 20 box holding card has slight tear book and cards like new
Il Tarocco Bizzaro di Franco Bruna 40 like new
Sibyl Parlor 85 like new
Ravenswood Eastern 275 box has wear, cards are like new
Zigeuner Tarot 125 box has wear, cards like new
Horoscope Belline 15 oop 1989 edition no box
oracle belline 100 oop like new
cards of winds AND CHANGES 65 oop partially shrinkwrapped
Papus Tarot Deck 145 oop box has slight wear, cards like new, no instructions
Papa Spiritual Tarot 150 oop
Epinal Tarot 20 like new
Arthurian Tarot 20 cards like new, with book, no box
Renaissance Tarot deck 75 oop deck by brian williams, cards like new
aleister crowley thoth tarot 10 box has wear and repair, cards like new
Brotherhood of Light 70 oop very slight wear on box cards like new uncolored usg edition

more new adds

Cosmic Deck of Initiation 15
Kazanlar Tarot 135 oop box has very slight wear, cards like new
rider-waite (2) 5.00 boxes have wear, cards like new no booklets
Celtic Tarots 20 gaudenzi like new
Tarots of the Golden Dawn 15 oop cards bot used but box has crush and cards have slight curl
Sibilla di Nostradamus 30 oop
Alchemical Tarot 150 oop prinze author, 1989, like new
Elemental Tarot 15 like new
minotarot 500 in wood box. The fool has very slight wear otherwise vg
I tarocchi casanova 200 oop shrinkwrapped box
Tarot Basics book & Gift set 15 like new
Tarot Druuna 30 oop like new 2 copies
ator tarot 15 no box. Cards like new
Tarot of Northern Shadows 30 oop box has slight wear, cards like new
Tarot Du Roy Nissanka 45 oop like new
Baum Tree Tarot 75 oop
Tarocchi dei Celti 100 Lupatelli like new
Tarocchi dei Celti 100 jacovitti like new
I tarocchi del maestro 25 box is not shrinkwrapped but cards are
Osho Zen tarot 30 cards and book shrinkwrapped
golden tarot 25 new in shrinkwrap
Seed Cards 50 oop cards unused. Box hasslight shelf wear
de grote arkana 50 oop like new
Songs for the Journey Home 50 first edition like new
Thea's tarot 50 oop like new

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