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To help raise funds for the Centre for Tarot Art project
I am issuing my corrected version of the original Oswald
Wirth deck of 1889. This will be published next week on the
28th of January in a limited edition of 100 signed and
numbered copies. It will be number 25 in my Art Tarot series.

As a number of people missed out on the previous tarot in
this series, the Jeff Fialko Tarot, which sold out in just
a few weeks, I thought I would pre-announce it to the
forum members, but not link the page to my website till
the 28th, so it would not be publicly visible till then.

Just go to this page get more details or to buy a copy.


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Ordered thank you.
These look far superior to the ones in the back of Weiser's new publication of Tarot of the Magicians.
Wishing you well with your database project.
Best regards,

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