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Sherry's Collection (skad1)
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 Posted: Wed Dec 5th, 2007 07:27 pm
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Joined: Thu Sep 20th, 2007
Location: Dallas, Texas USA
Posts: 1255

944 as of 12/5/2007, not counting duplicates

Sorry for any strange listings.  I had to convert the list from Excel, and some of the columns didn't convert all that well.

11:11 Alignment cards by Zera Starchild of An,  1991
1966 Esquire-Edward Gorey Tarot Cards by Edward Gorey,  1966
1999 Cosmo Magazine-Play Cosmo's Love Tarot, 1999
20th Century Tarot by Kevin G. Burne,  1970
22 Arcani di Leonardo (135/150) by Ernesto Solari, 
22 Arcani Fiabeschi by M. Elena Pecchio,  1986
22 Arcani I Cani Buffi -Gatto Tarocchi by Osvaldo Menegazzi,  1990
22 Arcani Maggioni Fumatori  (708/2500) (i Tarocchi di Fumatori) by Osvaldo Menegazzi,  1981
22 Arcani Sec. XVIII by unk,  1991
22 Arncani I Cani Originali  by osvaldo menegazzi,, 
22 Artisti Liguri in 22 Arcani in una Libera Interpretazione su Christoforo colombo (593/2000) by multiple,  1992
22 Cani del Mondo  by osvaldo menegazzi,,  1991
22 Gatti Originali Minitarocco by osvaldo menegazzi, 
22 Lames du Tarot / 22 Keys of the Tarot by Unknown,  1979
22 Pittori in 22 Arcani by Various,  1989
22 XXII Arcani Di Andrea Picini -Postcards by Andrea Picini, 
3rd Millennium Deck -Tarot of the  by Iassen Ghiuselev, 
50° Anniv. della Fondazione dell' Impero (693/2000),  1986
723 Tarot   [18/50] by Paul Afong Jr.,  2001
78 Doors -Tarot of the  by Pietro Alligo, Antonella Platano ,  2005
Abracadabra, the witches play cards  [43/500] by Maria Rita Frazzoni,  2006
Abysmal Tarot  [na/333]Tarot de l'abime by Various,  2006
Adrian Tarot Cards Deck by adrian koehil, mike krefting, 
Aegyptisk Astrologisk Kristen Symbolistisk Tarot [18/32], “Egyptian Astrological Christian Symbolic Tarot.” by Gert Ornbo,  2001
African Tarot by Maria Romito,  1997
Afro-Brazilian Tarot  by Alice Santana, Giuceppe Palumbo, Pietro Alligo,  2006
Ages -Tarot of the  by Mario Garizio,  1985
Ai No Tarot by Mari Mihori ,  1988
Alan's Tarot Cards by A. Orell, ALAN (Mauro Boldi),  1981
Alba Dorata -Tarocchi delle - Arte by Giacinto Gaudenzi,  1996
Albano-Waite Tarot Cards Mini Deck by frankie Albano, 
Alchemical Emblem Tarot  [ /100] by F. J. Campos, 
Alchemical Wedding Tarott  [ /100] by John R. Dybowski,  2006
Alcohol Tarot by Drunken Prophet,  2004
Aleph Tarot  [162/250] by Rossetta Woolf , Aleph Kamal,  1994
Alien Tarot Rubber Stamp Sheet #1 and #2 by April Pedersen,  1999
All Hallows  [ /50] by Robyn Tisch Hollister  (a.k.a. Chronata) ,  2006
Amazing Fortune Telling Book With Tarot Cards by Karin Lee, Kipling West,  1997
Amerigo Folchi -Tarocco di  (1120/3000) by Amerigo Folchi,  1991
Amore -I Tarocchi dell by unknown, 
Ancestral Path Tarot, signed by Julie Cuccia-Watts,  -
Ancient Enlightened Tarot (Sola-Busca Tarot) by Unknown,  1995
Ancient Italian Tarots  by Unknown, 
Ancient Mysteries Tarot Deck by Roger Calverley, Maneesh Rampersad ,  2004
Ancient Prophecy Cards by , 
Ancient Tarot of Lombardy by unk, 
Andrea Picini -Tarocchi di by Andrea Picini,  1979
Angel of Thierry Mugler, jeu de tarot by unknown,  unkn
Angel Tarot by Unknown,  1980
Angel Tarot, Michel Angela, Japanese by Michel Angela, Maria Miduki,  2004
Angel Voices Oracle by laura tuan, antonella caselli, 
Animal Messages: Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by , 
Animali, Tarocco degli   (264/500) by Osvaldo Menegazzi,  1979
Animals Divine Tarot  by lisa hunt, 
Ansata Tarot by Paul Struck, Ansata Verlag,  1981
answer deck, mini kit by ,  -
Antichi Tarocchi Divinatori (Ancient Divining Tarots) by Pietro Alligo,  1995
Apple Tarot  [96/100, 1st ed] by Shandra MacNeill,  2001
Aquarian Tarot Cards by David Palladini,  1970
Archangel Oracle Cards by Hay House by Doreen Virtue,  -
Archeon Tarot by Tim Lantz, 
Arcus Arcanum Tarot, 78 cards by Hansrudi Wascher, Gunter Hager, 
Arcus Arcanum, 22 cards by Hansrudi Wascher, Gunter Hager ,  1986
Argolance, Tarot d';  [403/1000] by Pierrick Pinot,  1984
Arista Tarot by Unknown (traditional),  1994
Art Deco Fortune Telling Cards by , 
Art Fair Tarot Deck by ,  1970
Art Nouveau Tarot,  Myers by Matt Myers, 
Art Nouveau Tarot, Castelli  (signed, limited ed-250) by Antonella Castelli, Pietro Alligo, 
Art Nouveau Tarot, Castelli,  Mini by Antonella Castelli , 
Art Of Tarot Liz Dean by Liz Dean, 
Arthurian Tarot by Caitlin and John Matthews, miranda gray,  1990
Artist's Inner Vision by Various, 
Ascension Tarot  [13/100] by Elizabeth Berg,  1999
Asherons Call Promotional Tarot by unknown,  2005
AsktheAnswer Contemporary Lifestyle Tarot by AsktheAnswer,  2006
Asterix, -Tarot by Rene Goscinny, Albert Uderzo,  1997
Astral Tarot (b&w) by Mont-Saint-Johns,  1969
Astrellia -Tarot  by Yves Buquet, 
Astro Tarot Board Game  by game,  1986
Astrologic Tarot by Shurei Etoile, Sosei Fujimoto, 
Astrological Oracle  by Antonella Castelli, Alma de Angelis,  2006
Astrologique Tarot by Alphonse Wathelet,  1940
Athennium, Tarot Deck of  by Neko,  2005
Atlantis, Tarot of  by Bepi Vigna, Massimo Rotundo,  2004
Ator Tarot by Robin Ator ,  2002
Attuned Moon Cycle Tarot  -unable to find signature by Andrea Palframan ,  2004
Australian Contemporary Dreamtime Tarot  by Keith & Daicon Courtney,  1991
authentique tarot de l'association (les livres que chacun doit avoir sur satable) 
Axle Of Keys Tarot Deck: Know The Truth by PartOf.com,  2005
Azteque -Tarot  [Grand Tarot Imperial Azteque] by Jane Denant, G. Martin,  1986
Bacchus, Tarocchi di  by Luigi Scapini, Giulia Scapini, Giordano Berti,  2005
Bacco -Tarocchi di by Ernesto Solari, 
Balbi  -Tarot Of by DOMENICO BALBI, 
Balocco, Tarocco   [ 17/500] by Morena Poltronieri,  2006
Bambini -Tarocchi  by Lele Luzzati,  2001
Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot Deck by karen malhony, alex ukolov, 
Baseball Tarot Cards, Lerner  by mark lerner, laura phillips, 
Baseball Tarot,  Kasher by Robert Kasher,  1997
basic Tarot by Dobratz by Gudrun Dobratz, 
Basic yoga for everybody by Gertrude Hirschi, 
Belline Oracle       [17212 / ?] by Belline,  1961
Belmont  -Tarot de  by Francoise Corboz,  1995
Besancon -Tarocco di, miniature, Kaplan set  by Osvaldo Menegazzi, 
Besancon, Tarocco di    [  /1000] by J. B. Benoi,  2000
Bestian Tarot  [23/50] by ErisX, Edward O'Toole,  2007
Biedermeier Tarot cards No. 1904 by , 
Big Arukana 22 by Mondo Oki, Mei Unasaka,  1991
Bilder zum Tarot by Helmut Wonschick,  1984
Bizzarro -Tarocco  by Franco Bruna, 
Black Angel Cards Book & Tarot by Earthlyn M Manuel, 
Black Cat Fortune Telling Game Tarot  by , 
Black Tarot, Reyo by Luis Royo ,  1998
Blue Moon Tarot, signed by Julie Cuccia-Watts, 
Bluestone Tarot Study Deck by Noelle Fae,  2006
Body Talk Tarot Card Game by game,  1970
Bolognese -Tarocchino   (8/150) by GM Mitelli,  1986
Book Of Destiny
Book Of Doors Divination Deck by Athon Veggi, Alison Davidson,  1995
Book of Kaos Tarot Deck by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule,  2004
Book of Tarot, magazine by various,  1991
Bosch Tarot  (Hieronymus Bosch Tarot) by Alexandrov Atanassov ,  1999
Bota: Builders Of The Adytum Tarot Deck;  by Builders Of The Adytum, 
Boungustaio -Tarocchi del  by Cosimo Musio, Edoardo Ballone,  1990
Brancaforte Tarot, by Marcella Brancaforte,  1997
Bright Idea Tarot, Breakthrough to Brilliance by Mark McElroy, Eric Hotz,  2005
Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot by C. C. Zain,  1970s
Bruegel Tarot by Guido Zibordi Marchesi ,  2003
Buckland's Cards of Alchemy  by Raymond Buckland, 
Buddhistic Fantasy Tarot  [ /300] by Dr. Shigeki Gomi ,  1982
Buongustaio -Tarocchi del  by Cosimo Musio, Edoardo Ballone,  1990
Cachet Tarot Reading Cards  by , 
Callot Tarot ltd ed 50 Jason Lang by Jacques Callot ,  2007
Calzature Fantastiche, Le  by Osvaldo Menegazzi,  1980
Captor Sakura Clow Cards by Sakura Kinomoto, 
Cardinal  -Le Tarot  by Francoise Robin,  1973
caring Psychic Family Hotline by , 
Carmina Burana Tarot Cards by unknown,  1978
Carnivale Tarot Cards by Orange Velvet Design Studio,  2002
Carolingian Tarot  [17/18] by Jason Lang,  2006
Carot Card   [ /] by Yoko Imamura ,  2006
Carte Dello Zodiaco - Italian Cards Of Zodiac by , 
Cartouche Egyptian Oracle -Way Of,  Book & Tarot Cards by Murry Hope,  1985
Cat comfort cards by Kat Lover, Kitty Wisdom,  2005
Cat Fortune Telling Cards by unknown,  1900
Cat People, -Tarot of the  by Karen Kuykendall,  1984
CAT Tarot Cards, Wooden by , 
Cat Wisdom Cards by tonu carmine salemo,  2005
Cat’s World Tarot -Japanese Manga by Helen Miu , 
Cats Transformation Playing Cards by , 
Celestial Tarot by , 
Celestial Wisdom Cards Guidance From The Angels by  juliet jeffrey hobbes, nora manaco, 
Celti -Tarocchi di, Arte by Benito Jacoviti,  1991
Celtic Book of the Dead by Caitlin Matthews, Danuta Mayer, 
Celtic Dragon Tarot Deck by Lisa Hunt,  1992
Celtic Shamans Pack by John Matthews, Chesa Potter, 
Celtic Tarot - Mini by Giacinto Gaudenzi, Saverio Tenuta,  2004
Celtic Tarot - Wonderful ( 154/250) [Tarocchi Celtici Meraviglioso] by Saverio Tenuta, G. Gaudenzi, 
Celtic tarot, Davis by Courtney Davis, Helena Paterson, 
Celtic Wisdom Tarot by Caitlin Matthews, Olivia Rayner ,  1999
Ceremonial Magick -Tarot of, Crowley-Thelema by Aleister Crowley, Thelema.  Lon Milo Duquette,  1994
Chalice Tarot  [ 12/100] by Lynda Stevens,  2006
Charmed Tarot  [ /500] by ,  2007
Chat du Marseille Tarot by elaine moertl,  2004
Chat -Le Tarot du, Deck/Book Set by Claude Trapet, Carole Sedillot,  1994
CHER, Love Hurts, CD Box, Wooden w Tarot Cards by Cher,  1991
Chesterfield Tarot (Le Renouveau du Tarot) by grimaud-ducale, 
Chien -LeTarot du, Deck/Book Set by Carole Sedillot, Claude Trapet,  1992
Chinese Tarot by Jui Guoliang,  1989
Chinese Zodiac Tarot Cards by ,  2005
Ching. Guida all'antico oracolo cinese.   by Mattiuzzi Antonia, 
Cigarette Case Holder, Tarot Cards Collectors  by Jatujak Weekend Market ,  2007
Cinema di Sesar -Tarocchi del  by Sergio Sesar,  1995
Cinema -Tarocchi del , Solari by Ernesto Solari, 
Circle Deck  [52/500] by D. R. Taylor,  2007
Circular "Fortune Telling Cards" by , 
Circus and Sideshow Tarot by Chris Paradis,  2004
Classical Tarots by Carlo DellaRocca , 
Classico Tarocco di Marsiglia, miniature, Kaplan set  by Osvaldo Menegazzi, 
Clearly Tarot by Wakening spirit, 
Cloisters -Tarot of the  by Michelle Leavitt,  1993
Coffret Tarot -Le (Les Tarots) by Laura Tuan,  1994
Collezioni  -Tarocco delle  by Osvaldo Menegazzi, Giovannino Scarsato,  1980
Colombo, il Tarocco di  by amerigo folchi,  1991
Color -Tarot Of (Golden Dawn) (imperfect copy) by Leisa A. ReFalo,  2005
Color your own Tarot - Vacchetta Deck 1892 by unknown,  2007
Colori -Tarocchi Dei  by Elene Assante,  1991
Colori -Tarocchi Dei, in Gift Tin by Modiano by Elena Assante,  1991
Conchiglie Divinatorie Tarot  (S,32/1500) by Osvaldo Menegazzi,  1975
Connelly Tarot by Eileen & Paul Connolly, 
Connolly Tarot Deck, mini by Eileen Connolly,  1989
Conoscenza, L’Aolbero della Vita e  by Ernesto Solari , 
Contact Cards by Darryl Anka, Kim Carlsberg,  1996
Corneal Edema Tarott  [ 33/100] by David Aronson,  2006
Corte dei Tarocchi -La  (575/1100) by Anna Maria d'Onofrio ,  1999
Cosmic Deck of Initiation, Circular Mandala Cards by Barbara M.DeLong,  1992
Cosmic Egg Tarot  (Kosmisch Ei Tarot)  [ /99] by Guido Gillabel,  1987
Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche, Jean Huets,  1996
cosmic tribe tarot, signed copy by Steve Postman,  1998
Crop Circle Cards by Cariel Quinly,  1998
Crow's Magick Tarot by Londa Marks, 
Crystal Ally Deck by naisha ahsian-thompson,  1995
Cyber Punk, Cyber Deck Tarot Of The Future by Diane Rinella, Brett Harrison,  1994
Da Vinci Enigma Tarot by Caitlín Matthews, Leonardo da Vinci,  2005
Da Vinci Tarot (mini) by Giorgio Trevisian,  2006
Da Vinci Tarot Kit   by Iassen Ghiuselev, Atanas A. Atanassov,  2006
Dali Tarot, Jubilee Edition by Salvador Dali by Johannes Fiebig, 
Dance of Life Tarot Cards by Audrey Savage,  2000
Dante -Tarocchi di by Andrea Serio, 
Dante Tarot (signed, limited ed-250) by Andrea Serio, 
Dario Fo -Tarocchi di by Dario Fo, 
Das Baum Tarot (2000 Reissue) by F. Hetmann, Tilman Michalski,  2000
Das Tarot der Inneren Kraft by ,  2004
De Laurence's Tarot Cards (yellow variant) by Arthur Edward Waite, Pamela Colman Smith, 
Decameron Tarot by Luciano Spadanuda, Giacinto Gaudenzi,  2002
Decamerone  -Tarocchi del  (Deluxe Edition) by Giacinto Gaudenzi,  1993
Deck 777   [55/500] by Lance Reynard,  2006
Deirdre of the Sorrows (Tarot UnLocked) by Deirdre O'Donoghue,  2007
Dell 'Orror -Tarocco  by Gianni Maiotti,  1987
Della Rocca -Tarocco di by Carlo DellaRocca (variant),  1998
Dell'immaginario -Tarocchi  by Fereuc Pinter, 
Demetra -Tarocchi   (style 3)  by Unknown, 
Demetra Tarot Style 1, with writing  by unknown,  -
Der Aegyptische Tarot  (Das Tarot-Karten Set) by Bernd Mertz, 
Deva Tarot by Herta Drnec, Roberta Lamphere,  1986
Devin - Le 
Dharma Cards Deck by , 
Diabolik -I Tarocchi neri, Arte by Sergio e Paolo Zaniboni,  1993
Diamond Tarot by Marie-Louise Bergoint, Klaus Holitzka, Arthur Edward Waite, Pamela Colman Smith, ,  1997
Disney Haunted Mansion Film Promotional Cards by unknown, 
Disney Mickey Mouse Tarot Cards by ,  -
Dolphin Daze tarot deck  [33/50] by Samantha Kaskis ?,  2004
Dovilio Brero -Tarot;  vivre una vita by Dovilio Brero,  1995
Dr. Marius Divining Cards Suits of Love Tarot Cards by ,  1950
Dragon Tarot by Lynn Secrist,  1991
Dragon Tarot by Nigel Suckling, roger & linds garland, 
Dragon Tarot Deck, donaldson by terry donaldson, Peter Pracownik, 
Dragons Tarot Deck (Tarot De Los Dragones) by mandico torabo, grverino barldi, 
Dragons Tarot, mini, Baraldi by mandico torabo, serverino baraldi,  2006
Dream Cards , Wisdom Cards by , 
Dreaming in Color Deck by mindy sommers, 
Dreams -Tarot of , with cd by Ciro Marchetti,  2006
Dreamythology by Leslie Cochran, 
Druid Animal Oracle by Philip Carr-Gomm, 
Druids -Tarot of the  (Tarot de los Druidas) by Bepi Vigna, Severino Baraldi & Antonio Lupatelli, 
Dürer, Tarocchi  Original large size by Gaudenzi,  1990
Eclectic Tarot Cards by Josef Machynka,  1986
Eden -Tarot Of by Alika Lindbergh, Maud Kristen,  2005
Egipcios Kier Tarot Deck by , 
Egizi -Tarocchi, Arte  [La Parola Magica] by Maurice O. Wegener, 
Egiziano -Tarocco   by Beitti, 
Egyptian Grand Trumps by Silvana Alasia,  2006
Egyptian Mini Tarot by Silvania Alasia,  2004
Egyptian Pyramid Oracle by Verona McColl, 
Egyptien Grand Jeu de l'Oracle des Dame -Tarot  by , 
Eisbergfriestadt Playing Cards by unknown,  2007
El Teddy's Tarot Deck  (S, 62/100) by Melissa Townsend,  1994
Electric Tarot by Dawn Williams,  1999
Elefanten Tarot -Elephant Tarot (S,17/32), Cudahy #1 by Michael Kutzer,  2004
Element Tarot by David Bourne, Staci Mendoza,  2002
Elemental Tarot Cards & Book Set by Caroline Smith, John Astrop,  1988
Elisabetta Cassari, unpublished set of major arcana by Elisabetta Cassari, 
Elizabeth's Tarot Today by Elizabth Wheldrake,  2007
Elksinger's Perfected Tarot by H.M. Nelson,  1983
Elota Tarot   [ /100] by A Chu Family,  2005
Enchanted Tarot Deck w/HC book  by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber, 
Energy Tarot, 2005 by Cheryl Shen
Enochian Skrying Tarot by Bill & Judy Genalw, Chic & Tabitha Ciceu, 
enocnian tarot,   by Gerald Schueler, Betty Schueler, Sallie Ann Glassman, 
enoil gavat -Tarocco Esoterico egiziano  by enoil gavat,  1998
Entropy Tarot  [ /300] by Dr. Shigeki Gomi ,  1983
Epicurean Tarot Recipe Cards by Corrine Kenner, Pamela Colman Smith, Mary Hanson Roberts,  2001
Epinal Tarot Cards by Georgin,  1994
Erde Tarock - Tarot of Earth   [ 267/500] by S. Dittner,  1995
Erotica Tarot Cards  by Lori Walls , 
Esoteric Tarot Cards  by , 
Esoterico -El Gran Tarot  by Luis Pena Longa, 
Espanol -Tarot  by Heraelio Fournier, 
Etruscan Tarot   by Silvana Alasia, Riccardo Minetti,  2002
Etteilla Mignon -Tarocchi Dei , “Libro di Thot.” by Etteilla, 
Eva -i Tarocchi di   [279/500] by Gianfranco Goberti,  1996
eVoluti -Tarot  by Various,  2005
Experimental Tarot  by Samvado Gunnar Kossatz,  1995
Express  -Tarot  by Jean Didier, 
Express Action Cards by na, 
Faery Wicca Tarot  by Kisma K. Stepanich, Renee Christine Yates,  1998
Fairy Tarot by Lo Scarabeo by Antonio Lupatelli ,  2003
Fairy Tarot- Miniature Edition by antionio lupatelli, 
Fairytale Tarot deck by ,  2006
Fantastic Menagerie by Karen Mahony, Alex Ukolov, Sophie Nussle,  2006
Fantastical Tarot by Nathalie Hertz,  1999
Fantastico Viaggio di un Manichino da Pittori in 22 Arcani by Osvaldo Menegazzi,  1990
Fantastico, Il tarocco   [118/1200] by  Franco Bruna,  1982
Fantasy Fortunes: Fortune-Telling Cards for girls by , 
Fantasy Showcase Tarot by Bruce Pelz,  1980
Fantod Pack by Edward Gorey (Re-Issue) by Madame Groeda Weyrd ,  2007
Far Sight Tarot  [ 15/50] by Helen Meinicke,  2007
Fatima Oracle Cards by gina di Roberto,  2004
Felicite, Tarot de la  [7/500] 2nd edition by Pierrick Pinot,  2006
Femme Papillon, Tarot de la ; Tarot of the Female Butterfly  by O. Stephane C. Adagp,  2003
Fenestra Tarot by Chatriya ,  2006
Ferret Tarot by Elaine Moertl, 
Fiabe -Tarocchi delle by Various,  1997
Fiorentino -Tarocco (Le Minchiate le Fiorentine) by Constante Costantini,  1981
Fiori Divinatori, Divinatory Flowers (17/500) by Osvaldo Menegazzi,  1980
Fiori Divinatori, Mini  by Osvaldo Menegazzi,  1987
Fleurs -Jeu de Tarot des  by E. Helles, 
Flower Speaks by Marlen Rudginsky, 
Flying Hearts Tarot by , 
Folletti -I Tarocchi dei  by Antonio Lupatelli,  1997
Follia, -i Tarocchi della [ 245/595] [The Tarot of Madness] by Alessandro Baggi,  1987
Fool's Journey Tarot Postcards by various,  1993
Fortuna’s Wheel Tarot  [ /100] by Nigel Jackson ,  2007
Fortune  -Tarot Of by Klim Lee,  2001
Fortune Telling Handbook With Tarot Cards by , 
Fradella Adventure Tarot  by Fradella, 
Friendly Tarot by Cy Stapleton,  1993
Fumatori Tarot, miniature by Osvaldo Menegazzi, G. Scarsato, 
Funghi Piu Belli del Mondo by Osvaldo Menegazzi, 
Future Solleone Tarot (#656/1500) by Elisabetta Cassari,  1987
Gambedotti, Tarocchi de    [34/1000] by Mario Gambedotti,  1982
Garbarino -Tarocchi di , " Garba Tarot" (S,241/831) by Mauro Garbarino,  1983
Garden Path-An Antipodean Tarot  [_/78] by Melanie J. Cook,  2004
Gareth Knight Tarot Deck by Gareth Knight, Sander Little,  1984
Gatti  -i Taro; I Tarocchi del Gatto; Taroc with Black cat by Serena Ciai,  2004
Gendron Tarot Deck w/ booklet  by Melanie Gendron., 
Genovesi -Tarocchi  by Pier Canosa, 
Georges Muchery-Les 78 Lames Du Tarot Divinatoire by Georges Muchery, 
German Tarot Postcards by Various,  2001
Gilded Tarot by ciro marchetti, barbara mootrigll, 
Gill Tarot by Elizabeth Josephine Gil, 
Gioco Geografico dell'Europa -18th Century Geographic Tarot by unk,  1985
Giotto Tarot by Guido Zibordi ,  2001
Giulietta e Romeo-Romeo and Juliet -Tarocchi di by Luigi Scapini,  1990
Giulio Romano, Tarocchi da  by Guiseppe Billoni, Carlo Micheli,  1989
Glass Tarot by Elisabetta Trevisan , 
Glastonbury Tarot by Lisa Tenzin Dolma,  1999
Gli Arcani del Porco (698/2000) by Enrico Prometti,  2003
Glow in the Dark Tarot by , 
Gnomi Gigante -Tarocchi degli  by Antony Moore.,  1986
Gnomi Mignon -Tarocchi degli , smallest tarot by antonio Lupatelli, 
Gnomi –Tarocchi Degli by Antonio Lupatelli, 
Gnomi,  Tarocchi Degli  -Postcards, by Antony Moore,  1987
Goblin Tarot  [152/200] by Peter Wood ,  2001
Goblins An UnColoured transformation pack by Peter Wood, 
Goddess Tarot Cards by Kris Waldherr., 
Golden Dawn Magical Tarot Deck by Sandra Tabatha Cicero and Chic Cicero, 
Golden Dawn Tarot Deck, Classic by Richard Dudschus, David Sledzinsk, 
Golden Rider by Francois Tapermoux, 
Golden Tarot Deck by Kat Black, 
Gothic Tarot by Joseph Vargo, 
Gothic Tarot,  Wendell   [ /1000] by Leilah Wendell,  1998
Gothic Tarotby Dawn Williams,  1995
Grand Etteilla Tarot, Egyptian Gypsies Tarot (The Book of Thoth) by Etteilla,  1977+
Grand Oracle Tarot Celtique by Alan Borvo,  1989
Grand Tarot Belline by Belline, 
Graphik Tarocchi by Zoltan Tamassi ,  1992
Greek Myths and Legends to Learn while you Play Cards by Daniela Viecelli, 
Green Man Tree Oracle by John Matthews & Will Worthington,  -
Grotesque -Jeu  (566/999) by ,  1977
Gruyeres  - Le Tarot De  by Jose' Roosevel, Marie-Claire Dewarrat.,  1993
Guardian Tarot, Minkevics by Jeff Minkevics, 
Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards by  US Games,  -
H.R. Giger Tarot by H. R. Giger, Akron,  2000
Haindl Tarot Deck by  Hermann Haindl, 
Halloween Tarot Cards, Wooden cards by , 
Halloween Tarot Deck by kipling west, 
Halo Sharp Tarot, Book of the Triumph of Spirit by Michael Sharp, Oxo Halo,  2007
Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck by Mary Hanson-Roberts,  1985
Harmonious Tarot by Walter Crane, Ernest Fitzpatrick,  2005
Harmony Angel Tarot cards by , 
Hellen -Tarot of  by Valerie Bernard,  1999
Hello From Heaven Tarot by Cheryl Carlyle,  2006
Hello, Tarot by joe rosales, 
Hermetic Tarot by Godfrey Dowson,  1980
Hero's Journey  by Arnell Ando , 
HE-YO-KA, The Revealing Spirit, Indian Guide Revelation Deck by unknown,  1966
Hidden Folk, Tarot of the  by Giacinto Gaudenzi, 
Hindu Fortune Telling Cards by Satish Chandra Ghosh,  1925
Hindu Oracle of Awakening by Helen Sultarini,  2004
Hofmann Barth tarot postcards  by Irmgart Hofmann Barth,  1990
Hoi Polloi Inc, Tarot cards,  by Hoi Polloi,  1972
Holmsen Tarot by Lars Kristian Holmsen, Vaida Gasiuatde,  2004
Holy Grail Tarot   by Lorenzo Tesio, Stefano Palumbo, 
Holy Order of Mans Tarot, (Tarot 22 Keys) by William G Grey,  1970
Housewive's Tarot: A Domestic Divination Kit by Paul Kepple, Jude Buffum, 
I Am One tarot by Maya Britan,  1998
I Am One Tarot, signed  by Maya Britan, 
I Ching of Love by Rishu & Videha Nishavdo , 
I Ching The Ancient Oracle Decoder by unknown, 
I Grandi Arcani, Giancarlo Carlonii  (Anna bella, Magic noire, Lancome) by Giancarlo Carloni,  1979
I Tarocchi Nei Colori Della Toscana [1734/3333]  by Amerigo Folchi , 
Idéographique du Kébèk -Le Tarot   (Ideographical Tarot of Quebec) by Yves Paquin, A. D. Grad; Jacques Languirand;  Denise Roussel; Jean Louis Victor,  1978
IJJ marsalles Tarot Cards by ,  1969
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Ironwing Tarot (78) [ 0] by Lorena Babcock Moore,  2004
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Jacques Vieville Tarot by Jacques Vieville, 
Jamie Hankin Tarot   by Jamie Hankin,  2004
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Japanese Egyptian Tarot, "White-on-Black" by ,  2000
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Jesus Deck, The by Rev. Ralph M. Moore,  1972
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kabbala deck by edward hoffman, 
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Lanzichenecchi -Tarocchi , Mignon by Giorgio Trevisan,  1988
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l'Horoscope Belline by unk,  1989
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Lord Of The Rings Tarot by terry donaldson, Peter Pracownik,  1996
Lord Of The Rings Tarot by terry donaldson, Peter Pracownik,  1996
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Love Cards Mini by , 
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Lowa Loa Luoya Mystic (Secret) Tarot, 
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Manga, Tarot of the Magical Forest, manga by Leo Tang, 
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Mani Divinatorie, Mini   by Osvaldo Menegazzi,  1987
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Marseille, Tarots of  by Claude Burdell,  2000
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Marsella, Tarot de  -in wooden box by ,  2007
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Millennium Tarot by Dorothy Simpson Krause, Marina Dubois,  1994
Minchiate Tarot by Brian Williams,  1999
Mind, Body, Spirit ? Tarot Cards, Promotional cards by , 
Mini Tarot Cards, OOAK  by , 
Miniature Set of Dollhouse Tarot Cards  by , 
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Minute Deck  [51/100] by Robyn Tisch Hollister  (a.k.a. Chronata) ,  2005
Mirror Cards, The by Geoff Charley, Lucy Liolle, , 
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Mo, a Tibetan Divination System by Jamgon Mipham, Doya Nardin,  1991
Mondo Nuovo, Tarocco del  1991  by Amerigo Folchi,  1991
Monster Tarot, 2003 by Youtaro, Takeshi Ogasawara
Moon Blessings  by Lori Reid , 
Moon Garden -Tarot Of a by Karen Marie Sweikhar, 
Moon Venus Deck by unknown, 
Morello Medieval Tarot by Anissa Morello ,  2007
Morgan's Tarot by Morgan Robbins, Darshan Chorpash,  1983
Mother Goose, wooden   [ _/100] by Endre,  2006
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Napoleonic Personalities Tarot by Osvaldo Menegazzi, 
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Nathan Never; Tarocchi del Futuro by Michele Medda, Antonia Serra, Guiseppe Vigna, Peitro Alligo,  1992
Native American Medicine Cards by Angela C. Werneke, Jamie Sams, David Carson,  1988
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Nature  -Tarot de la  
Nature's Healing Oracle by Wauters, Ambika, 
Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA, set by Julia Turk, 
Necromantic Tarot  [21/1000] by Leilah Wendell ,  1994
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Neugereuter Tarot by Michael Kutzer,  1987
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New Century Tarot Deck  by Rolf Eichelmann,  2003
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New Palladini Tarot by David Palladini,  1996
New Star Tarot (black border edition) by Erika McGinnis ,  2007
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New World Taro  [856/ 1000] by Lady of the Flowers,  2000
Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Evening Event by Tim Burton,  2001
Niki de Saint Phalle Tarot (Imprine en serigraphie 15 couleurs by Niki de Saint Phalle,  2002
Ninth Dimension Tarot Cards St Croix’s by Mont-Saint-Johns,  1971
Ninth gate Tarot by , 
Norse Tarot, Gods, Sagas, and Runes from the Lives of the Vikings by Clive Barrett,  1989
Northern Shadows -Tarot of by Sylvia Gainsford, howard rodway,  1997
Nostradamus, Cards of   by Jean-Pierre Payen, Dominique Webb,  1986
nova mini by Julie Paschkis, Dennis Fairchild,  1996
Nova Tarot Cards Deck, super tiny by dennis fairchield, julie paschkis, 
Novecento Cartomanzia Dal Negro Tarot Cards by ,  1982
Nuevo Juego del Tarot, Devoted to the Alpine Country by unknown,  1977
Obscura , Tarot  by Chris Bivins ,  2007
Ocho Loco Press Post cards, wooden box by , 
Odilon Redon, Tarot Noir  [  /100] by Jason Lang,  2005
Oh, Wicked Wanda  [ /100] by Lady DraagonStorm
Old English Tarot Cards by maggie kneen, 
Olympus Tarot - Wonderful (129/250) [Tarocchi dell'Olimpo] by Lucia Raimondo,  2002
Omaggio a Erte Tarot by Amerigo Folchi.,  1987
One World Tarot Cards Deck by crystal love, michael hobbs, 
Oracle de la Bible by Marion & Robert Einbeck,  1986
Oracle Ge by Gerard Barbier,  1991
Oracle of the Dreamtime by Donni Hakanson, 
Oracle of the Godess by Amy Zerner, 
Oracle Voyant Masque (Oracle of the Masked Seer) by ,  2001
Oreste Zevola -Tarot of  by Oreste Zevola,  1989
Orient -Tarot of the  by J. Fogarty,  1961
Origini -Tarocchi delle, (Arte) by Sergio Toppi, 
Orishas -Tarot of the  by Zolrak, Durkon,  1994
Osho Zen Tarot by Ma Deva Padma
Osvaldo Menegazzi -Tarocchino di (14/400) by Osvaldo Menegazzi, Giovannino Scarsato,  1978
Oswald Wirth Tarot Deck  by Oswald Wirth,  1976
Oz -Tarot Of by david sexton, 
Pacific Game Company, Tarot Set  by David Palladini,  1975
Pagan Tarot, Gina Pace  by Gina Pace, Luca Raimonda,  2204
Pallfy Tarot by Judit Pallfy,  1998
Pandora's Tarot by Emile Scheherzade, Stella Bon Voyage,  2002
Papus Tarot [Tarot of the Bohemians] by Papus,  1982
Papus Tarots-Musio  [20/50] by Cosimo Musio,  1990
Parfait Amour Tarot   [100/500] by Will Parfitt,  2006
Paris  -Tarot De  by J. Philip Thomas ,  2002
Parkers Prediction Pack by Julia & Derek Parker, 
Parrott Tarot Deck by Margaret Parrott, 
Passion Play tarot cards by Christine D. Winters, 
Paul Gauguin, Tarot de  by Michel Yieng Kow,  2003
Pendragon Mother's Tarot Deck by Pendragon Rashkis,  1978
Penny Farthing Press promo Tarot card  by Various, 
Pentagram Tarot 
Persian Tarot cards by Madame indira by Madame indira, 
Personaggi Napoleonici -Tarocco con, miniature, Kaplan set  by Osvaldo Menegazzi, 
Pet Owners Tarot by Pet Owners Tarot Co,  1994
Pet Tarot by Dawn Williams,  1996
Pet Tarot Cards  (slightly larger size) by Torre Image,  2007
Pet Tarot Cards by Torre Image,  2007
Petit Etteilla by sybill type deck,  1994
Phantomwise Tarot  [29/100] by Erin J. McCauley,  2007
Philosopher's Stone by De Es Schwertberger,  1984
Phoenix Cards Tarot Deck by Susan Sheppard, Toni Taylor,  1975
Phoenix Tarot  [182/500] by Paola Angelotti,  2003
Pino Zac Tarot de l'An 2000 Tarot by ,  1891
Pinocchio -Tarocchi di  [_0] by Armando Valcauda, Iassen Ghiuselev,  1994
Pirate Tarot , wood by Liz "Galindorf" Harper. ,  2007
Piu Piccoli -Tarocchi  (Gnomi) by Anthony Moore, 
Playing Card Oracles  by Ana Cortez, Charles J. Freeman,  2002
Plunge into the Mistery Tarot [Tuffo nel Mistero] by Luigi Scapini, 
Poetico, -Tarot  [ 56/100] by Almeido e Sousa, 
Poet's Tarot -A   Jesse Cougar by Jesse Cougar,  1986
Pointer Tarot -Piantnik wien by Rudolf Pointner,  1975
Pomegranate, Tarot of the    [20/200] by An-Magrith Erlandsen ,  2007
POMO Tarot by Brian Williams,  1994
Popolare Ligure Piemontese -Tarocco , miniature, Kaplan set  by Osvaldo Menegazzi, 
Poppy's Tarot by Joanne Buckly, Rachael Pearson, 
Portal Tarot (Large edition) by Traci Darin, David Works,  2002
Portal Tarot (Standard Edition) by Traci Darin, David Works,  2002
Power Deck,  The Cards of Wisdom by Lynn V. Andres, Rob Schouten,  1991
Prague -Tarot Of by alex ukolov, karen mahony, 
Prediction Tarot deck, no booklet by bernard strivigen, peter richardson, 
Pry's Circus Playing Cards  [ /300] by Charles Pry, 
Psycards-Like Tarot Cards by maggie kneen, 
Psyche Tarot by  by Cyvern7
Pumariega -Tarot by Carlos Pumariega,  1990
Pure & Simple-Flower Tarot/Divination Deck by Collette Star, 
pythagorean tarot by  john opsopay., 
Q&E, quick & easy tarot cards by ellen lyte, pamela colman smith, 
Quantum Tarot  by Christopher Butler and Kay Stopforth. ,  2007
Rajneesh Neo Tarot by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh,  1983
Ravenswood Eastern Tarot-1st Patrons edition  (2/500)(revised version) by Dirk Dykstra,  1978
Reading the future -Tarot by Didier Colin, 
Reflections -Tarot of  by Pietro Alligo, Giordano Berti, Francesco Ciampi,  -
Reiki, Tarot  : White Light Tarot Cards  by Jes,  2006
Renaissance -Tarot of the  (mini) by Iassen Ghiuselev, A. A. Atanassov,  2006
Renato Guttuso -Tarocchi  by Renato Guttuso,  1983
Respiro, Tarocchi dei  [ 83/500] Tarots of Breath by Giovanni Monti,  2006
Responsi delle dieci Sibille -I by Laura Tuan,  2004
Revelations Tarot- Zach Wong by Zach Wong, 
ReViSIONed -Tarot  by Leigh McCloskey,  2003
Rider-Waite Tarot by Pamela Coleman Smith, 
Rider-Waite Tarot, mini by , 
Rigel Tarot Cards (Authentic English Fortune Telling Tarot Cards) by Unknown (traditional),  1975
Robin Wood Tarot Deck by Robin Wood, 
Robot -Tarocchi di  by Pietro Alligo, Massimo Borrelli,  1987
Rock Art Tarot by Jerry Roelen,  1996
Rock -Tarocchi del , I Ta Rock i, by Paola de Filippo, Massinio Galloni, 
Rohrig Tarot Cards; Carl W Rohrig, by Carl W Rohrig, 
Rolla Nordic Tarot by Rolla Nordic,  1981
Romantici -Tarocchi by Giorgio Trevisan, 
Rorshock inkblot card game by unknown,  1998
Rotin's tarot   [ 11/100] by Peter Rotin,  2006
Roy Nissanka, Tarot du  by Maria Mestre, 
Royal Fez Moroccan Tarot Deck by Roland Berrill, 
Royal Tarot cards by kuo kau,  1995
Rune Cards, 2nd edition by Tony Linsell, Brian Partridge ,  2004
Rune Magic Cards by Tyson, Donald, 
Running Press Tarot Cards by Julie Paschkis,  2002
Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg by Cynthia Giles, Yury Shakov,  1996
Russisches Tiertarock  
Sacred Circle Tarot, The: A Celtic Pagan Journey by Anna Franklin, Paul Mason, 
Sacred Geometry Oracle by Greer, John Michael, 
Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck with Cards by Hart, Francene, 
Sacred Isle Tarot  [100/500] by David Higgins ,  2007
Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sams, Linda Childers,  1990
Sacred Rose tarot deck by Johanna Sherman,  1991
Sacred Rose Tarot, Majors only, [409/1000] by Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman,  1981
Sagesse du Tarot - Wisdom of the Tarot  by Elisabeth Haich,  1988
Saints Deck -Tarot of the  by Robert Place,  2001
Saints Oracle Cards: by isa donelli, 
Sakki-Sakki Tarot by Monicka Clio Sakki,  2004
Salvador Dali’s Tarot book by , 
Salvadore Dali Tarot Universal Dali by Salvador Dali, 
Samantha's Tarot by Samantha Kocsis,  2002
Santa Fe Tarot by Holy Huber, Tracy LeCoco,  1996
Sardinia,  La Magia Nei Tarocchi by Osvaldo Menegazzi,  1987
Savage Tarot  (46/100) by MichelleX, Griffen Smith,  2005
Schatten  -Tarot der  [__/30] by Marcel Kastaun,  2002
Schweine Tarot -Pig tarot (S,13/32), Cudahy #4 Tarots by Michael Kutzer,  2005
Secret Dakini Oracle A Trantric Divination Deck by Penny Slinger, Nik Douglas,  1977
Secret Tarot,  Nizzoli by Marco Nizzoli,  1998
Secret Tarot, Lyle by Jane Lyle, helen jones,  1998
Secret Tarot, MINI,  Nizzoli, by Scarabeo Lo by Marco Nizzoli,  2004
Senet Tarot of Ancient Egypt by Douglass White, 
Sensual Wicca Tarot by Nada Messar, Elisa Poggese ,  2007
Sephiroth -Tarot of the  by Dan Staroff, Joesphene Mori, Jil Stockwell,  1999
Sepia, Tarot by Adeline Lamarre, 
Servants Of The Light Tarot Cards by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, Jo Gill, Anthony Clark,  1993
Settani, Tarot  by Pino Settani, Jean-Louis Victor,  1995
Sfinge, I Tarocchi della  by , 
Shaman Wisdom Tarot Deck by Lita Richesson,  1998
Sheridan-DouglasTarot (2006 Reissue) by Alfred Douglas, David Sheridan,  2006
Shining Tribe Tarot by Rachel Pollack, 
Shining Woman Tarot by Rachel Pollack,  1992
Ship of Fools Tarot by Brian Williams , 
Sibilla Di Nostradamus by , 
Sicilian Tarot by unknown,  1981
Signori del mistero -I by Laura Tuan,  2004
Silicon Valley Tarot Cards by Thomas Scoville,  1998
Simplified Tarot by Paul De Becker, Jan Bauwens,  1984
Sirius Tarot by Sirius Krenzien,  1984
Sissi -Il Tarocco Di   [1402/ 3000] by Amerigo Folchi, 
Skins Deck     [05/200] by Shandra MacNeill,  2004
Sogni, Le Carte dei  (Cards of the dreams) by Max Vitale,  1985
Sol Bianca Tarot Set, The Legacy by Japanese Anime Sol Bianca, 
Sole -Tarocchi del Re    (S, 332/936)   'Tarot of the Sun King.' by Paolo Piffarerio, Piero Alligo,  1986
Solleone Tarot  by Elisabetta Cassari,  1983
Son Tarot  [20/100] by Chris Butler,  2007
Soprafino -Tarocco , II Meneghello by Carlo Dellarocca, 
Soprafino -Tarocco , Mini  by Carlo DellaRocca,  1992
Soul Cards 1 by Deborah Koff-Chapin, 
Soulcards 2 by Deborah Koff-Chapin, 
SouthWest Sacred Tribes -Tarot Of by Violeta Monreal,  1996
Spiele Der Weisheit by ,  1995
Spiral Tarot by Kay Steventon , 
Spirit Light Tarot by Marcia Masino,  2005
Spirit -Tarot of the  by Pamela and Joyce Eakins ,  -
Spirit World -Tarot of the  by Bepi Vigna, Roberto de Angelis,  2006
SpiroTarot   [ /100] by Lady DraagonStorm
Square & Compasses Tarot Deck by W Bro Colin Browne,  2004
Stairs of Gold Tarot Cards, Tavaglione by Giorgio M.S. Tavaglione,  1979
Stamps, Tarot De Napoleone by Osvaldo Menegazzi,  1978
Star That Never Walks Around by Stella Bennett , 
Stargate cards by , 
Starter Tarot Deck by Geroge R. Bennett,  1988
Steele Wizard Tarot  by Pamela Steele ,  2007
Stella's Simple Tarot, 2002 by Stella Kaoruko
Stelle, I Tarocchi delle by Giorgio Tavaglione,  1991
Sternenmadchen Wahrsagespiel Tarot (Starmaidens Tarot)  by Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser, Peter Geitner,  1975
Stick Figure Tarot by Lar deSouza,  1999
Stone Tarot by Alison Stone,  2000
Success Cards by Alessandro Beltramo, Giuseppe Ricci, 
sugar cube papers, Tarot de Marseille 1760 by Béghin Say, 
Sylph Tarot  [ 30/100] by Tyran Grillo,  2006
Symbolon karma cards  by Peter Orban, ingred zinnel, thea weller,  1998
T: The New Tarot for the Aquarian Age, The Books of Destiny by , 
Tailors -Tarot of the  by marie cooley,  2002
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 Posted: Sun Dec 9th, 2007 01:27 pm
2nd Post

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Skad! You're a girl!:shock: LOL nice collection, too!

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 Posted: Thu Dec 13th, 2007 05:45 pm
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debra wrote: Skad! You're a girl!:shock: LOL nice collection, too!

Yes Ma'am, although some people might say I'm too old to be a girl, but the heck with them, I'm young at heart.  And not all that old compared to my dad, who's in his 90's.

I thought about changing my ID to Sherry, but you can't change, I would have to create a new one.

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 Posted: Tue Dec 18th, 2007 11:57 pm
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I see you on Ebay all the time - wish I would've known you were in Dallas when I was there! Lived there for 5 years, and nary a friendly tarot soul for miles. :X  Moved to FL 2 years ago.

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 Posted: Tue Dec 2nd, 2008 09:23 pm
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I share one particular deck in your collection. I thought you might be interested to know that a new zealand psychologist Michael Owen has recently written a book about the 1976 Xultun Tarot Codex deck in your collection.

Also of interest The Fool Card and the Warrior card have an image of Mount Taranaki, subtly hidden in them, this was actually the birthplace of Peter Balin and was his way of signing the cards.

The mountain has quite a history (see below). If you check out Kahurangi books offered through http://www.tuitui.co.nz/codex.html or http://www.kahurangi.net.nz  You can read all of chapter one for free at:


Peter Balin was born near New Plymouth, New Zealand. Mount Taranaki or Mount Egmont is near there. An artist, he travelled widely and by the mid-1970s was living in Los Angeles. Mount Taranaki or Mount Egmont is active but quiescent volcano in the
Taranaki region on the west coast of New Zealand's North Island. The 2518-metre-high mountain is one of the most symmetrical volcanic cones in the world. Because of its resemblance to Mount Fuji, Taranaki provided the backdrop for the movie The Last Samurai.

In 1865 the mountain was
confiscated from Māori by the New Zealand Government under the powers of the New Zealand Settlements Act 1863, ostensibly as a means of establishing and maintaining peace amid the Second Taranaki War. The mountain was confiscated despite clear evidence it was unusable for farming and otherwise uninhabitable. The mountain was returned to the people of Taranaki in 1978 by means of the Mount Egmont Vesting Act 1978, which vested it to the Taranaki Maori Trust Board

In 1977 Balin published a companion book to the deck called The Flight of Feathered Serpent. Around the same time period 1975 Frank Water published Mexico Mystique - which was the book that first interested John Major Jenkins in his eventual mayan and 2012 research. The symbols in the 22 arcana in his deck are well described by Michael Owen and until I read his book I wasn't as interested in the deck or the book Flight of Feathered Serpent. I now think it deserves more attention. If you know any interesting stories about either the deck, book or peter balin I'd be glad to hear about them. Regards, Kevin

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 Posted: Tue Jun 16th, 2009 04:14 pm
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Demian Brennan-Gould

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Ingalls Wonderful Zodiac Fortune Telling Cards by Harry Ingalls

Hi Sherry! I have these, with box and blue instruction card. May I ask please, does yours have the blue card and perhaps any other instructions (folded paper insert) and too, have you been able to discover any further information about Ingalls? Many Thanks!

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 Posted: Tue Jun 16th, 2009 07:46 pm
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I recall reading those Wicked Wanda comics in the 70s (yeesh I'm old)and have seen the tarot deck offered a few times but never remembered to ask if anyone has it and what they thought of the deck... saw it on your list so ... thoughts? 

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 Posted: Tue Jun 16th, 2009 10:47 pm
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Wicked Wanda?  Ok, but if it'd been cheaper I'd of liked it better.  (How about that for damning with faint praise?) :cl

It's been so long since I got the Ingalls I don't really remember them anymore, and I am not sure where they are stashed.  I really gotta sort out my decks.

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 Posted: Wed Sep 30th, 2009 06:06 pm
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Skad has an impressive list of tarot related books. Many of us can use it as reference list that is why I am saving them on my files now in case something wrong happens with the forum. Thanks for compiling them and I am sure the list is not yet final. 

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