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 Posted: Thu Jul 30th, 2009 03:19 am
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Dear Davina,

First of all, let me say I love links in a deck. Especially if they are not in sequence because it gives a feel of an epic poetry in motion; especially if they resonate with reality despite the landscape in with it is rendered.

It gives us the opportunity to figure out for ourselves what is going on in the deck rather than being spoon fed with meanings and interpretations. It allows the imagination to flow; it allows cognitive processing; it allows boundaries to be broken and re-built.

I loved your Hierophant card for the same reason; because it shows a guide teaching the young about nature in its natural splendor; the blueprint of the universe. He is teaching them not to fear the dark for its own sake but what it represents to us. He is teachig them not through instilling fear of the unknown but taking them into the unknown and challenging their understanding of it. I've always wondered what good would come out of frightening children with horror stories merely to condition obediance when that would later cripple them in many ways.

How his apprentices take his teaching, if his teaching is structured upon his own ego or if he taught to the best of his knowledge factoring in human errors... well, that is another story. The Hierophant card is about a structure more imposing than the one The Emperor imposes; social, spiritual, institutional, etc.

For The Hierophant to face Justice; :gi some things we can hide from human eyes but nothing is hidden from the higher consciousness of the Universe... even if we think we have covered our tracks... somehow or the other, the time will come when all scores are settled... nothing personal.

Delightful card, Davina. You and Steve have done a brilliant job with your deck.


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