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 Posted: Wed Jul 29th, 2009 11:32 pm
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Well, won’t say a lot about this – the card does sort of tell you why it is Justice. How many of us are ready to look into that mirror and have our souls bared? How many of us can say hand on heart when we do, the scales will remain in balance?

Our character standing before the statue is the Hierophant. His time is near, and he knows he will be passing over to a different realm very shortly. He will be passing the mantle of the Hierophant onto another… I will not say who at this stage but there is natural succession indicated. He has had a student and he now believes that student is ready to take on and continue with his work, so is accepting his personal journey is destined to take a different path. As he stands before the statue, he is asking to be shown how he has lived his life. Have all his actions and words been conducted with integrity and honesty? Is his karma balanced?
He has bared his soul in the mirror and is now waiting for the scales to indicate if indeed he has struck the right balance in every aspect. The sword holding the scales reminds us the outcome will be straight and true. The veil reminds us truth is blind and not tainted by outside influence. It also reminds us we cannot look outwards – in order to truly ‘see’ we have to turn our focus inwards.

I like how this is portrayed. I used to have a problem understanding the difference between this and the Judgement card. In our deck they are very different images and will hopefully help others who may have had similar difficulties understanding the key differences. Once again, Steve has done a great job in bringing this image to life Some nice additional touches which I think add a little more depth to what I had originally come up with.

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