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 Posted: Wed Jul 8th, 2009 10:45 am
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Mr. la-luna

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Langustl schreef: Hi !

I´m trying with Tarot drawings or black & white things. I think about a Majors Arcana deck.

This is the first one - Temperance. "What has Temperance to do with that ?", a few of you maybe will ask. O.k., Where is Temperance? It is on the way down. We already passed death. And now there´s Temperance and tells us to make a little slowly, to be a little careful, not to let everything go, to keep a little consciousness.

The man jumps into the water, he wants to swimm. In the back you can see a swimmring and the feet of another person. If the man is in danger to drown, the other person will be able to help.

Temperance protects us from drowning.

Thus far your new project looks good :ok continue the good work

and a new and fresh view of Temperance is always appreciated congrats :ro

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