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 Posted: Wed Jul 8th, 2009 09:29 am
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Hi !

I´m trying with Tarot drawings or black & white things. I think about a Majors Arcana deck.

This is the first one - Temperance. "What has Temperance to do with that ?", a few of you maybe will ask. O.k., Where is Temperance? It is on the way down. We already passed death. And now there´s Temperance and tells us to make a little slowly, to be a little careful, not to let everything go, to keep a little consciousness.

The man jumps into the water, he wants to swimm. In the back you can see a swimmring and the feet of another person. If the man is in danger to drown, the other person will be able to help.

Temperance protects us from drowning.

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