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 Posted: Wed Jul 8th, 2009 05:27 am
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finally... the Fool.

If you see this card as showing the need to just live life with no agenda, have fun and enjoy the moment this would be one way of seeing it.  The Fool is on a journey, and has no fears of where he is going, and whether he is up to it.  He is just living instinctively in the moment.

There is a saying "no fool like an old fool".  I also think there is a line between being the Fool and being seen as being foolish.  They are two different things entirely.

Here we have an adult wanting to free himself of daily restraints and expectations and has decided to relive his youth a little for a few minutes, much to the amusement of the youngsters around him.

He is having a great time, and yep - there is a risk he will come off the slide at the side but he doesn't care anyway.  There is also a gap in the cloud at the bottom of the slide, so we will wonder where he will end up when he comes off, just like we wonder where the Fool will be once he steps off the cliff edge on traditional depictions.



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