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 Posted: Wed Jul 8th, 2009 05:20 am
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4 of pents. 

I think a miser need not necessarily be a grumpy old man sitting on his chest counting his coins.  Sometimes we have every right to protect what we cherish.  Other times by not sharing, or putting to use our assets, we never get the chance to fully enjoy them.  What is the point of having something if you never use it, or in the case of money, spend it?

This little lad is being protective of his football.  Yes we can see he lacks maturity in knowing how to conduct himself, but hey we have all been there in some way I guess.  (Some of us who resist growing up may still be there  :hp  )

Is he being selfish, or is he being protective?  Either way, I sense a lose/lose situation here.  I think it is worth noting the similarities in his posture in comparison to what we usually see on the RWS 4 of coins.

We also have a greedy little one sitting on the mushroom stuffing his face with cakes.  You sort of sense he is the one never chosen to play on a team, but he doesn't care - he has his cakes and he will not be willing to share.  So here in the same card we also have the over-indulgence/greed aspect shown.

Interestingly, on a very different note (for those who read intuitively / do not use boxed interpretations) this may even raise questions of resisting peer pressure, or other situations around it.  Or... on the other hand.... it may show (as pointed out to us already) someone is just being a spoiled brat and is in need of a lesson (which they may get shortly when they realise the ball is punctured)


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