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 Posted: Wed Jul 8th, 2009 05:14 am
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thanks for that Ash.  Humour is a funny thing (no pun intended there...) and can often show human nature in a way whereby we don't feel offended.  Yet when we reflect on that, we see it can also be a purveyor of a lot of truth, sometimes of a very personal nature.  If that truth had been given to us straight with no frills, we would perhaps shy away from it, or not want to acknowledge it.   We might not like what we hear or see in that instance.  In that respect, humour can open a lot of doors which can lead to heightened awareness.  I know one member of a different forum immediately saw a friend of theirs indicated on the Hanged Man card - yet knew they would not recognise themselves. 

I have decided to post 3 more which were not originally posted....

Queen of swords is first up.  Look at that raised eyebrow - that says it all.  She really doesn't need to say anything, but if she did - we would listen.  2 words would be used if only 2 were needed for us to get the message.  Forget mind games - she is way ahead of you  :cool:


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