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 Posted: Sat Jun 20th, 2009 12:23 am
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Agonistes wrote:

also, out of curiosity, i have asked a practicing reader to look at them.  she didn't like their energy, she said, and was loath to touch the cards themselves, shuffling them gingerly in the plastic bag i kept them in at the time.
What! A fluff bunny card reader was shocked by the pictures !?!    LOL
Most readers use soft tarot images .. And some readers are suspicious of touching other readers cards ...

i've looked also to see if there were numbers or symbols hidden in the artwork, and can't really decide if i am seeing things in some cards, or not.  there doesn't seem to be that sort of hidden pictures, but in some of the cards it's hard to be sure.

Thats the L.S.D......

 "Do what thou wilt" sounds Thelemic.
What impresses me is the multicultural aspect of the art work for that period. I may be wrong about this but I don't know of any tarot deck that showed multicultural themes in the late sixties. May be the early seventies ...
Thanks for posting more card images ... Theres a lot going on in the cards yet they don't seem to busy.Their quit fascinating ....

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