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 Posted: Fri Jun 19th, 2009 10:13 pm
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Abrac wrote: These are definitely some of the coolest cards I've ever seen. I don't think it's actually a tarot. Some of the cards have been influenced by the tarot but it's clearly something else. A lot of the cards aren't numbered, and I see one that looks like it's #34. Check out the one called The Duel, "Shun evils as sins against the Lord" vs. "Do what thou wilt."  Looking forward to giving them a good going over. :ok

makes sense.  they are made out of awesome, aren't they?  the drawings attract me mainly because i love pen work, and do most of my own drawing like that, albeit much less distorted and dreamlike.

i think the hanged man is my favorite.

  i've looked at them pretty closely (there is writing on almost every card, all over them), but not for a few years because they are frail, bendy, and already yellowed.  i made the scans about three years ago so that i could look at them without touching them, and possibly post them if i found a collector or someone who could tell me something more about them.

also, out of curiosity, i have asked a practicing reader to look at them.  she didn't like their energy, she said, and was loath to touch the cards themselves, shuffling them gingerly in the plastic bag i kept them in at the time.

as i said, the only card i didn't scan was the one that looked like it was cut from an index card.

i've looked also to see if there were numbers or symbols hidden in the artwork, and can't really decide if i am seeing things in some cards, or not.  there doesn't seem to be that sort of hidden pictures, but in some of the cards it's hard to be sure.

how can i best preserve these?  i've thought of putting them in an album so they would be protected, but still viewable.  i'm not an avid collector of anything in particular, but i have a lot of comic books and some collector's cards, but of course card albums are generally too small.

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