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 Posted: Mon Jun 15th, 2009 04:59 pm
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skad1 wrote:
What's the Crane look like, I never saw it.  (Well, I AM trying to cut back) yeah, it's like a diet, goes great until that chocolate cake with ice cream shows up. 

LOL! :cl:cl:cl

Now that is something I can TOTALLY relate too. My diets usually turn out the same way. And yeah, I also was trying to cut back.. you see.. only 17 decks in 2 months...:cl:f:cl:f


Anyway, some pictures of the auction of the Crane's Arcana. It was a one of a kind she sold on Ebay (it was actually the Wheel card that 'wheeled' me in for buying it):

Ehmm.. edited to remove the picture. I just posted them in Show and Tell instead:cs

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