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 Posted: Mon Jun 15th, 2009 05:31 pm
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skad1 wrote: What's the Punk's Tarot?  It could be so many things! :?

Quite a few from Seiloinen up there.  I have pulled back abit from her decks, they seem to be getting a bit repetitive.  Whoops, I take that back, I just saw her email baout the 'Home Sweet Home', very original work again.

Like Gregory said, it an asian deck, a bit the style like Peanuts. But ehmm.. Greggers, the deck is from Taiwan and not Japan :hp. It is also self-published.  I got mine from Baby_Dream, so I don't think she is slipping that much...:cl

And yeah, quite some from Beth again. I tried to cut it down, thinking I got so many and well.. some of them are a bit the same indeed. But then I just fell for some of them anyway. I just had to have the Crane's Arcana, which is a one of a kind. And the Fishy was cute enough too... and... ah well. And yes, those houses... aaarrrggghhh...:f:n(to my money again... *g*)

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