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 Posted: Tue Apr 7th, 2009 05:12 am
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We have posted a few images on AT, but I would like to share our project here also. 

So, what is the Tarot of Innocence?

A world of fae folk who interact in different ways to reflect the emotions, experiences and stories we know from the traditional RWS deck.  The characters are fae, but the scenes depicted are all scenes which we would resonate with and immediately understand as happening in the human world.  They are real beings in a lot of ways and have great ability to make you instantly reach out and understand what they are going through.  Sometimes that will produce wide smiles, other times that can produce a sense of sadness. 

How does it differ to the RWS?

We have more than journey to follow.  For example, we see The Fool, Strength, Magician, Hermit and Hierophant throughout the Major Arcana.  They do not appear on all cards, but their presence is noticeable on quite a few of the cards. Sometimes a repeat appearance helps enhance the character traits we associate with them.  Yet the card interpretation does stay true to that we associate with the RWS.  Other times their presence ties in with the journey being undertaken by another character.  With this in mind, the cards almost weave a web whereby we begin to understand there is a community dynamic at play, not just an archetypal one off appearance.  Our actions and decisions often involve others in some way, and this is reflected throughout this deck.

We also find the other suits follow a story or journey, and again characters do crop up more than once.  They even make appearances across the suits (may come across as a 'guest' appearance at

When I first started out with this deck, I wanted create images that incorporated different layers or energies within a card theme. Sometimes that takes the form of an upright and reversed interpretation both at the same time. (As seen with the Chariot) On another card it might be the peripheral characters who add an extra dimension. They can help us look at the message from different viewpoints, or come into the issue from a different direction. Sometimes they show us how others indirectly involved with an issue may see it. That can often be different to how we see it if we are too closely involved and are therefore not entirely objective. I really cannot recommend enough that equal attention is given to these characters. They really do add so much value

The book which will accompany this deck will be very comprehensive.  The main section is dedicated to the card images and will give a general interpretation, what the image is showing (some symbolism explained), artistic interpretation and some questions to ponder or answer when looking at the card.  Every card is discussed in detail, so in that regard it will (hopefully) be refreshing to see that the pip cards and court cards are given as much focus as the Major Arcana.

The second part of the book is a work book, for those who really enjoy studying the cards and prefer to work through them in the form of exercises.  Hopefully they will be fun and will include aspects such as reversals, story telling, a quiz and colour association.  There is also a section regarding spreads, again incorporating their use in the form of suggested exercises.

This project began in November 2004 which is when I wrote the script.  A long search then ensued for the artist, and as the saying goes... things will happen when they are meant to.  In January this year, Ravenswing answered a posting I made on the AT.  Since then there has been no looking back.  He has been an equal partner in the process, and is very much an owner of the Tarot of Innocence as I am.  the process to date has been a delight, and I really feel we have formed a very special world which we have been visitors too since that first chat in January.  His artwork really does capture the personality of the characters and this is invaluable to me as a reader.  I can immediately link in with what is happening, which makes the reading a pleasure to do.

Our aim?

To see this published.  We will be making approaches in due course once we have more images finalised.  I know it is extremely difficult, and I am not assuming a publisher will be snatching it out of our  However, we are both focussed, determined and have belief that this deck will come to being - whatever the form.  Please with us luck over the next few months.

Take care


PS  the image below is the Chariot from the deck.  The driver is the Magician whose card is also shown.  :)






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