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 Posted: Thu Jan 29th, 2009 04:49 pm
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skad1 wrote: I have noticed that when you close the browser window it doesn't automatically log you out from the forum.  I have have probably been logged in sometimes for ages when I wasn't around, because I am used to being automatically logged out.  Is this something that could be added?When you log on the system creates what is called  a "cookie", a small
file on your computer.  This authorises you to access the forum as an
member. Eventually this will time out, and then you will find that the system wont
recognise you as a member until you log on again. By default this is a long time.

If you close your browser, it will not necessarily remove the cookie file. This means
you don't have to keep putting in your logon name and password.

There is no problem being logged on for ages. The real use of the logout
is to actively close the session, which deletes the cookie file, so that no
one else using your computer can open the browser and return to the
Forum and impersonate you. If you are using a public computer in an
Internet cafe or a library then please logout after you finish reading or posting
information. If you are accessing the forum through your own computer, that no
one else will use, then there is no need to logout.

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