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 Posted: Tue Oct 30th, 2007 04:33 am
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First, I'd like to say "Hello!" ~as a new member, and then on to the good stuff... Jeremy Kay is a friend of mine, and I sent him the details of the eBay auction, to which her replied:

Thanx for the heads-up.  Amazing!  $416!  I'm surprised, but not really - as there were only about 100 Xeno sets, virtually hand-made / Signed? - Deluxe Sets (v.3) this one with Color Backs & Booklet on White Paper Stock.  Deck Owner was guided (in Book) to color / paint their decks to help memorize images.  Retailed in 1969 for $20. (Expensive)  I sold them all - kept only 1 or 2 sets, buried somewhere in storage along with my "Rosebud Sled" & "The Lost Ark". 

Two other previous sets - Same basic Images. 

(v.1) In Envelope with Black & Yellow Back Designs. Ltd 50 Sets?

(v.2) Different Plastic? & Cardboard Box with  Orange & Black on Back Designs.  Ltd. 50 Sets?

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I have a complete deck, mint as printed, coloured backs, in the plastic box, and with the book. Bought once upon a time for $40US. There's even a couple of extra (duplicate) cards, besides the regular extras. I also have a copy of Jeremy's later revision of the Majors, titled "The Book of Time" which is a 23 card set, with a few new, and original, attributions.

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